Faculties and field-specific units

Find research that interests you on the webpages of Faculties and field-specific units. On this page, the field-specific units are organised alphabetically per Faculty.
Faculty of Arts

Research at the Faculty of Arts is divided into six Departments, which in turn are divided into several field-specific units.

Department of Cultures

Department of Digital Humanities

Part of the Department of Digital Humanities is also the multidisciplinary Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities.

Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies

Department of Languages

Department of Philosophy, History and Art

Alek­san­te­ri Institute

One of the Faculty's departments is the national centre for Russian and Eastern European Studies, the Aleksanteri Institute.

Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is not divided into field-specific units.

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Pharmacy

Research activities at the Faculty of Pharmacy are coordinated by the Drug Research Program and focus on drugs.

Faculty of Theology

Research at the Faculty of Theology is divided into five Departments:

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Swedish School of Social Science

The Swedish School of Social Science is a Swedish unit for social sciences education and research at the University of Helsinki.

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