Centre for Educational Assessment CEA

Centre for Educational Assessment CEA
Research-based Educational Assessment
Research-based Educational Assessment

Assessment and research


The Centre for Educational Assessment CEA actively contributes to teaching at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, as well as the supervision of theses and dissertations.

About us

The Centre for Educational Assessment CEA was established in 1996 to develop an instrument for measuring learning to learn as the foundation for lifelong learning. Today, the work of CEA covers a variety of issues related to educational research and development. It works in collaboration with schools and municipalities in the fields of educational assessment, research and development. The results of assessment are utilized for monitoring and further developing education in classrooms and at school and municipal level. Since the late 1990s, CEA has been active in transnational collaboration within the European Union for developing a common indicator for learning to learn. The Centre for Educational Assessment CEA was also responsible for the implementation of PISA 2006 in Finland.

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