Germanic philology

German philology studies the German language as well as German literature and culture in German-speaking countries, as well as the historical evolution of the language.

At the University of Helsinki, focus areas in German philology include multilingualism, transculturalism and multimediality.

Central research themes include

  • Comparative and contrastive linguistics
  • Language acquisition
  • Language didactics and interference
  • Use and optimisation of electronic tools in teaching German
  • Linguistic media and mass communication studies
  • Phraseology, or the study of set expressions and idioms
  • Text linguistics (particularly in the language of mass media)
  • Valence and construction grammar and grammatisation
  • Lexicography
  • Historical syntax
  • Modern German literature and culture (particularly narrative research, as well as the significance and reception of German literature)
  • Literature and culture in Austria
  • Syntax and word formation.
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