Faculties and units

The University of Helsinki operates on four campuses in Helsinki and in 10 other localities in Finland. The University accommodates 11 faculties, several independent research-oriented institutes, multidisciplinary research networks and campus units, as well as units attending to duties of a national authority.

Independent institutes

The University accommodates independent institutes that focus on research, teaching or the provision of services. Some of them are shared with other universities. There are also some independent institutes that operate within faculties. They are introduced on the faculty websites.

With their long history, research stations are able to provide long term environmental background data sets.

University consortiums complement the Finnish university network. They bring together the activities of many universities in localities that do not have their own university. The University of Helsinki participates, together with other Finnish universities, in the activities of university consortiums in Lahti, Mikkeli and Seinäjoki.

Teacher education at the University of Helsinki always includes teaching practice. Teaching practice is the responsibility of the University's Faculty of Educational Sciences, and it is organised by its two affiliated teacher training schools:

Helsinki Normal Lyseum

Viikki Teacher Training School

University’s management

  • Rector and vice-rectors: The University of Helsinki is managed by the rector, vice-rectors and the heads and directors of units. The rector manages the University’s operations and is responsible for the efficient, economic and effective completion of the University’s duties.
  • The Chancellor is in charge of promoting science and scholarship and the university’s community relations, as well as overseeing the university’s interests and activities.
  • The Board is the supreme decision-making body of the University of Helsinki.
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