The Department of Chemistry is the leading hub of chemistry teaching and research in Finland. The research carried out at the department is highly valued internationally, and it is divided into three research programmes: Materials Chemistry, Molecular Science, and Synthesis and Analysis.

Within the research programmes, there are numerous research groups, and you can read more about their work on their own websites. In addition, the department houses the Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention, VERIFIN, and Chemistry Teacher Education. The researchers at the Department of Chemistry have numerous collaboration projects within the University of Helsinki, but they also carry out research in partnership with other national and international universities, research institutes, and corporations.

Head of the department: Professor Heikki Tenhu. Deputy heads: Professor Mikko Ritala and Professor Mikko Oivanen.

Chemistry News and Events on Kumpula Campus


3.6. 2020
Wed 3.6.2020 12:15-14:15 LIVE STREAM -
3.6. 2020
Wed 3.6.2020 16:00-18:00 LIVE STREAM -

First installations at our #CarboCity forest birch site start to be ready. Sap flow and soil condition observation……

Tiedekasvatus on yksi meidän strategisista painopistealueistamme kaudella 2021–2030. Ydinajatuksemme on, että tie……

Olemme mukana projektissa, jossa kokeillaan 5G-verkon hyödyntämistä Triplan kauppakeskuksessa. Kokeilussa kerätään……

Uutta tietoa liikenteestä ja energiateollisuudesta peräisin olevien typen oksidien yhteydestä ilmastoon ja ilmanlaa……