Department of Medical Genetics

Lääketieteellinen tiedekunta

The discipline of medical genetics operates at Biomedicum Helsinki.

The discipline has close contacts with other research groups of the Faculty and those financed by the Academy of Finland working at Biomedicum, the Folkhälsan Research Center, the National Institute for Health and Welfare, and the research groups of the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland.

Medical genetics is also closely connected with the Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCS), as well as the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), which together provide services to approximately 1.4 million residents and, in the case of certain rare diseases, to all Finnish residents. Research results in genetics are quickly utilised in patient diagnostics and the genetic counselling of patients and their families. Cooperation is also conducted with several modern specialised genetics laboratories located on the Meilahti Campus.

  • Medical genetics I, 2.0 cr
  • Medical genetics II, 2.0 cr
  • Odontological genetics, 2.0 cr
  • ABC of Medical Genetics 3.0 cr
  • Medical genetics

Further information on specialist education can be found on the Faculty of Medicine website.

The main research areas in medical genetics include

  • Identifying novel hereditary disorders and their genetic components
  • Identifying the heredity of disorders and their gene mutations and/or risk alleles
  • Studying mutual interaction between genes and environmental factors
  • Studying gene functions and regulation, or epigenetics
  • Gene diagnostics
  • Tumour genomics
  • Studying molecular pathogenesis


Research groups

Lauri Aaltonen Research Group
Tumor Genomics

Kristiina Aittomäki Research Group
Inherited reproductive diseases

Irma Järvelä Research Group
Molecular Genetics of Musical Traits

Nina Kaminen-Ahola Research Group
Research Group of Environmental Epigenetics

Juha Kere Research Group
Multifactorial Diseases Research Group

Outi Kilpivaara Research Group
Hematological Genetics research group

Hannele Laivuori Research Group
Pregnancy and genes - Translational Research in Common Obstetric Disorders

Anna-Elina Lehesjoki Research Group
Molecular Basis of Epilepsy

Hannes Lohi Research Group
Canine Models of Human Disease

Päivi Peltomäki Research Group
Hereditary Cancer

Päivi Saavalainen Research Group
Molecular Genetics of Immunological Diseases group

Henna Tyynismaa Research Group
Medical Neurogenetics

Bjarne Udd Research Group
The research group for neuromuscular disorders

Pia Vahteristo Research Group
Tumorigenesis research group

Teppo Varilo Research Group
National Collection of Balanced Translocations and Inversions in Finland

Anna Vähärautio Research Group
Single-cell transcriptomics laboratory

Carina Wallgren-Pettersson Research Group
The research group on nemaline myopathy and related disorders