Organismal and Evolutionary Biology

Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Research Programme (OEB) encompasses 40 research groups in the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, all of whom are based in the Biocentre at the Viikki campus. The programme is very international with a large number of researchers from all corners of the world.

Research in these groups focuses at the organismal and/or population level of a wide variety of taxa including single cell organisms, invertebrates, plants and vertebrates. Research approaches used within the Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Research Programme are very diverse, ranging from molecular biology, physiology and evolutionary genetics to theoretical modelling and bioinformatics.

In addition to studying populations in their natural environment, a variety of organisms are also studied in more controlled conditions within the university facilities both at the University of Helsinki field stations in Tvärminne, Lammi and Kilpisjärvi as well as on-site at the Viikki campus where state-of-the-art common garden facilities for plants are available. World-class research infrastructures for genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and mass spectrometry, metabolomics, plant phenotyping, light, confocal, and electron microscopy provide the tools for understanding a variety of biological processes.

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OEB Seminars: Organismal and Evolutionary Biology runs a weekly seminar series, which is open to all. Our aim is to invite top international researchers of their field and give an opportunity also for local researchers to present their work. More information in seminar adds.


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