CHAT researcher profiles

CHAT is a growing international and transdisciplinary movement of researchers and practitioners. Here is a repository of profiles of CHAT researchers. In the profiles, you find a description of each researcher’s main interests, key publications, and contact information. The profiles are in alphabetical order and can be opened by clicking the name. The repository will be continuously updated.

Researchers and practitioners working with cultural-historical activity theory in different parts of the world and in different disciplines often need to find colleagues for collaboration and exchange of information. This repository of CHAT researcher profiles facilitates such search, exchange and collaboration. Each profile is a personal statement by its author, so the styles and foci vary between the profiles. 

The repository complements the CRADLE-News mailing list in which new publications, information of scientific events and similar news related to cultural-historical activity theory are distributed. If you want to join the mailing list, please contact Yrjö Engeström: