Teemme bio- ja ympäristötieteellisessä tiedekunnassa uraa uurtavaa tutkimusta elämäntieteiden ja kestävän kehityksen aloilla. Etsimme ratkaisuja maailmanlaajuisiin ongelmiin ilmastonmuutoksesta aina ihmisen terveyttä koskeviin kysymyksiin.

Tiedekunnassa osittain tai kokonaan toimivia tutkimusryhmiä esitellään tässä aakkosjärjestyksessä. Kansainvälisen tutkimuksen kieli on englanti, joten tutkimusryhmien sivut ovat muutamaa poikkeusta lukuunottamatta englanninkieliset.


Adapting to rapid environmental change

Adaptive radiation of whitefish in subarctic lakes

AMPA Receptors

Ala-Laurila Lab

Algal Systematics and Biodiversity

Aquatic Biogeochemistry Research Unit (ABRU)

Eskelinen group studies membrane dynamics during autophagosome biogenesis in mammalian cells.


Bayesian Environmental Modelling Group
How to decide under uncertainty? Our research helps to analyse environmental problems using probability theory.

Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution Team

Benthic ecology and sediment biogeochemistry

Bioinformatics research groups at University of Helsinki
Bioinformatics research groups at University of Helsinki are presented in the pages.

The biostatistics groups at University of Helsinki develop probabilistic and computational methods for essential life science applications.


Canopy Spectral Ecology and Ecophysiology

Character Evolution in Pleurocarpous Mosses


Drosophila as model organism in developmental biology


Ecological Genetics and Genomics of natural populations

Ecological Genetics Research Unit

Environmental Change Research Unit - ECRU

Environmental Policy

Episusceptibility and cancer

Evolution in Social Insects

Extracellular Vesicles
The EV group studies extracellular vesicles (EVs), submicron membrane vesicles released by most cells (mammalians to prokaryotes), that are present in all body fluids, but also e.g., in oceans.


Fisheries and Environmental Management

Frameworks of InterDisciplinary Environmental Analyses - FIDEA


Gahmberg Group: Leukocyte adhesion and signalling
The Gahmberg group studies leukocyte adhesion and signalling, binding of cytoskeletal proteins to integrins and their regulation by specific phosphorylations of the alfa and beta-chains.The neuronal ICAM-5 ligand is cleaved by NMDA treatment and the released fragment affects leukocyte functions.

Glycoscience Group



Inner ear sensory cell biology

Integrative Ecology Unit

Integrins in immunity
The Fagerholm group studies leukocyte integrins, adhesion receptors that mediate leukocyte trafficking, in health and disease.

Invasion of New Fish Species in Arctic Lakes – Impacts on Ecosystem Functioning and Services



Kestävän kalastuksen periaate kalakantojen hoidossa - KESKALA


Laboratory of Neurobiology

Laboratory of Visual Neurophysiology and Psychophysics

Laboratory of Neurotherapeutics

Lake Ecosystem Dynamics


Lipidomics Unit

Life Science Education
The Life Science Education Research Group studies such themes as students’ learning and studying at the university. We are a network of researchers interested in to develop the quality of higher education especially in the area of Life Sciences.


Metapopulation Research Centre
Metapopulation Research Centre (MRC) at the University of Helsinki was established in 1991 by professor, Academician Ilkka Hanski. The strength of our research is the ability to combine ecological, molecular, computational and theoretical approaches.

Molecular environmental microbiology group

Molecular mechanisms of bacteria in infectious diseases and health – research program


Nature-based solutions
Nature-Based Solutions Research Group concentrates to solve globally significant environmental problems.

Neurogenomics laboratory
We employ a multidisciplinary approach to understand the genetic and neurobiological basis of normal and pathological anxiety.

Nutrient cycles in aquatic ecosystems

Nutrient Sensing Laboratory


Onkamo Research Group

Opportunistic pathogens: virulence, disease dynamics and evolution

Oxygen Stress Tolerance and Lignin Biosynthesis
Research in this group is directed to oxidative stress tolerance of plants and to lignin biosynthesis in xylem of trees.


Plant Ecophysiology and Climate Change
Research on snow and winter ecology in northern ecosystems.

Plant-Fungal Interactions Group

Plant Growth Dynamics

Plant Phenomics
Plant phenomics is a discipline that uses high throughput methods to link genes to their function in plant context. Our team is focused on study the function of Ubiquitin Proteasome System (UPS) components in Arabidopsis growth and development as well as in responses to environmental challenges...

Plant Receptors
Our research focus is to understand the function of receptor proteins, specifically receptor-like protein kinases, and their role in mediating the effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Plant Stress Research

Plant Stress Natural Variation Group

Programme on Molecular Virology


Receptors and Membrane Proteins

RNAcious laboratory
Nurturing your passion for tRNA biology in the University of Helsinki


Self-assembly and replication of double-stranded RNA viruses

Sensory and Physiological Ecology of Plants

Soil Ecology Research

Sustainable green roofs and walls in urban areas
Urban green infrastructure, including green roofs and walls provide many ecosystem services in built areas. Interdisciplinary research is needed in order to understand the functioning of such man-made constructed ecosystems.

Synaptic Plasticity and Development
The group focuses on studying the molecular mechanisms guiding activity-dependent development of glutamatergic circuitry in the limbic system and in particular, the roles of ionotropic glutamate receptors in this process.


Translational Vascular Biology
Our research is focused on understanding endothelial cell functions in disease.

Terrestrial Interactions Research Group


Urban Ecology Research
The Urban Ecology Research Group of the University of Helsinki (Dept. of Environmental Sciences) is one of the few groups in Finland focusing on research and teaching in the urban setting. Urban areas provide excellent opportunities for ecological and multidisciplinary research linking natural sciences and social sciences.

Urban Ecosystems research

Urban Environmental Policy Research Group
The topics of our research group relate to climate change adaptation, maladaptation and climate change mitigation.

Use of GIS in environmental research


Viikki Plant Science Centre
The Viikki Plant Science Centre (ViPS) is a virtual research environment on the Viikki campus of the University of Helsinki. More than 250 researchers from 38 different research groups are part of the centre. ViPS aims to have high international visibility, with a stimulating high impact research...


Wood Development Group