Research funding services

We assist researchers, research groups and research consortia as well as University units in applying for research funding. We also support the leadership of faculties and other academic units in drawing up strategic plans related to research funding.
Research Funding Services

We provide a wide range of services to applicants for research funding, including

  • Sharing information on funding opportunities
  • Organising training and information sessions
  • Interpreting funders’ terms
  • Supporting the planning of research projects
  • Commenting on research plans
  • Providing instructions for submitting an application
  • Assisting in launching projects
  • Assisting in contract negotiations

Research funding can be applied for by individual researchers or the University.

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Research funders


Research funding for the University of Helsinki is composed of the core funding awarded by the Finnish government, external funding and the University’s own assets.

The most important sources of competitive research funding are

Finnish foundations constitute a considerable source of research funding on Meilahti Campus, and the United States is among the key international funders there.

On Kumpula Campus, the preconditions for high-quality research are supported by the EU and other international funders alongside the Academy of Finland.

The four faculties and other units active on the City Centre Campus as well as the four faculties and other units operating at Viikki Campus have also succeeded in acquiring competitive national and international funding, evidencing the high standard of their research.

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