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University of Helsinki HR Services attends to the University's duties as an employer and is responsible for HR policy. Maintaining the wellbeing of employees and staff groups as well as a functional, healthy and safe working environment also fall within the responsibilities of HR Services. In addition, the unit is in charge of personnel development and training as well as promoting equality.

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The unit organises, coordinates and develops services for students, teachers and academic administration staff. Teacher and Student Services is also in charge of preparing, implementing and developing decision-making related to the University’s education policy and support functions for teaching.


Financial Services coordinates the overall finances of the University of Helsinki, the University of Helsinki Funds and the University of Helsinki Group.

Finances of the University of Helsinki

Operations Management coordinates the University’s strategy preparation, operations management, quality management and data production as well as the Lahti University Campus and the Mikkeli University Consortium. Strategic Planning and Quality Management is in charge of the strategic preparation and presentation of issues under its responsibility which fall within the authority of the University Board and Management Group as well as the implementation of any decisions made.

University of Helsinki Research Services produces services that develop the preconditions for research, and support research of a high international standard conducted at the University of Helsinki, its researcher education, as well as the impact and applicability of research.

Our services are primarily targeted at researchers, in addition to which we support the University’s academic leadership in strategic decision-making related to research.

University of Helsinki Research Services is a unit composed of eight different service entities with a staff of approximately 140 specialists.

Ritva Dammert serves as director of development at Research Services.

Research Funding Services

Research Funding Services provides support in applying for external research funding and in contract negotiations.

Research funding advisors and grant coaches

  • Help researchers in drawing up funding applications
  • Comment specifically on the content of applications to be submitted to international funders
  • Reconcile University and funder guidelines
  • Communicate funding opportunities and organise training

The campus advisors of Research Funding Services also support the management of faculties and other academic units in applying for research funding and in related strategic planning.

Jukka Reivinen (deputised by Kaisa Ainala) serves as head of services at Research Funding Services.

Project Coordination

The Project Coordination unit provides coordination support to high-profile research projects receiving external funding where funds can be allocated to administrative purposes.

Project coordinators can

  • Monitor project finances
  • Assist in HR matters
  • Manage reporting
  • Manage projects’ communications tasks and meeting arrangements

Anssi Mälkki serves as head of services at Project Coordination and Sami Ojanen as team leader.


Project Coordinator
Research Services
Field of science Genetics, developmental biology, physiology, Ecology, evolutionary biology

Strategic Projects

The Strategic Projects unit supports University researchers and management in coordinating the preparations required in extensive funding application processes. In addition, the unit supports the drafting of strategic plans and guidelines related to the University’s research activities, as well as being responsible for carrying out the University’s research assessment in 2018–2019.

Anssi Mälkki serves as head of services at the Strategic Projects unit.


Business Collaboration Services

Business Collaboration Services helps researchers at all stages of business collaboration, from establishing contact with businesses to drawing up collaboration agreements. Collaboration is promoted together with other University parties through finding the best way to proceed for each individual client and considering different forms of collaboration. In addition, the unit organises training for researchers which develops expertise in business collaboration and research impact.

Maarit Haataja serves as head of services at Business Collaboration Services.

Legal Services

Legal Services provides counselling in legal matters related to research and protects the University’s interests in contracts and contract negotiations.

The legal counsels at Legal Services provide help, among other things, in

  • Contract negotiations
  • Drawing up and commenting on contracts
  • Assessing and managing contractual risks
  • Questions related to intellectual property rights

Perttu Pohjola serves as head of services at Legal Services.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services supports the University’s laboratories in a centralised manner. The unit’s services include

  • Laboratory equipment maintenance
  • Coordination of chemical and gas purchases, use of registers and organisation of user training
  • Planning of collaboration pertaining to official permits
  • Coordination, development and operational support of laboratory staff pools

Pekka Joensuu serves as head of services at Laboratory Services.


Services for Doctoral Education

The Services for Doctoral Education unit supports the operations of doctoral schools and doctoral programmes, as well as coordinating the services provided to doctoral students.

Services for Doctoral Education is responsible for

  • Preparing curricula, teaching programmes and timetables for doctoral programmes
  • Developing the general career skills study module
  • Preparing funding decisions related to doctoral education at the University (e.g., duties of doctoral students and travel grants) and ensuring their implementation
  • Coordinating and developing services provided to doctoral students in cooperation with Teaching and Learning Services

Maija Urponen serves as head of services at Services for Doctoral Education.

Head of Services
Research Services
Field of science Other humanities

Research Administration Services

Research Administration Services supports the University’s academic leadership in strategic decision-making related to research as well as in improving the preconditions for research.

Research Administration Services is responsible for, among other things, functions related to

  • The University’s research infrastructures
  • Open science
  • Research ethics
  • Allocation of the University’s own research funds

Sipo Vanhanen serves as head of services at Research Administration Services.



At the University of Helsinki, commercialisation services are provided by Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd.

University of Helsinki Communications and Community Relations supports the realisation of the University’s strategic plan and the impact of its operations through communications, marketing and community relations activities.

We are responsible for communications and marketing related to strategic projects, and we contribute to the strategic development of public engagement. We carry out communications, marketing and community relations activities with a diverse and innovative approach, supporting the University’s internal communications and offering communications services to internal and external target groups. We are also responsible for Think Corner operations.

Taina Kyllönen serves as director of communications.


The University of Helsinki’s Communications unit helps the media in all questions concerning the University. We convey information on research conducted at the University, help journalists find experts to interview and provide photographs for media use. In addition, we organise events and meetings.

Communications is also responsible for providing communications support for the University management and strategic projects, communications in emergencies and internal communications.

Hannamaija Helander serves as head of Communications.

Communications Manager
Communications and Community Relations

Digital Communications

The Digital Communications unit of the University of Helsinki is responsible for the content and channel strategy of digital services, as well as their content production. Digital Communications coordinates and develops the University’s internal and external online communications. The unit is in charge of the website, the Flamma intranet and the University’s social media channels. The media desk of the website also operates under Digital Communications.

Digital Communications is responsible for development projects related to communications services, in addition to which it supports University units in their projects. The unit’s services also include coordination and analytics services for digital marketing.

Susanna Rautio serves as head of Digital Communications. The unit can be reached at

Communications Manager
Communications and Community Relations

Marketing and Brand Management

The Marketing and Brand Management unit is responsible for the University’s brand, visual image and image bank, its presentation materials, strategic marketing campaigns and measures, as well as interest group surveys.

Think Corner, a meeting place offering the most interesting discussions in Helsinki for those interested in science, is part of the University’s marketing team.

Suvi Kataja serves as head of the Marketing and Brand Management unit.

The marketing specialists can be reached at the service address

The customer service of Tiedekulma can be reached at the service address

Communications and Community Relations

Community Relations

The Community Relations unit offers businesses, public and other organisations as well as other partners support and services in launching cooperation with the University.

The unit is responsible for developing the University’s alumni and stakeholder relations, fundraising and partnerships, collaboration with decision-makers and public affairs.

At the University level, the unit supports strategic planning pertaining to the University’s community relations.

Pia Dolivo heads the Community Relations unit.

Communications and Community Relations

Yliopisto magazine

Yliopisto, a scientific magazine published by the University of Helsinki, is as diverse and contemplative as science itself. The prize-winning magazine comes out 10 times a year.

Marja Pemberton serves as Yliopisto’s editor-in-chief. The editorial office can also be reached at

Editor in Chief
Communications and Community Relations

Communications and marketing services at campuses

All four campuses of the University have a dedicated communications and marketing services team responsible for implementing communications and marketing, stakeholder collaboration as well as communications services for the faculties and members of the University community at the campus level.

Contact the campus teams:

The City Centre Campus team is headed by Pia Purra. The City Centre Campus team can be reached by writing to the service address

Communications Manager
Communications and Community Relations

The Kumpula Campus team is headed by Johanna Pellinen. The Kumpula Campus team can be reached by writing to the service address

Communications Manager
Communications and Community Relations

The Meilahti Campus team is headed by Liina Nelimarkka. The Meilahti Campus team can be reached by writing to the service address

Communications Manager
Communications and Community Relations

The Viikki Campus team is headed by Irina Haltsonen. The Viikki Campus team can be reached by writing to the service address

Communications Manager
Communications and Community Relations


Administrative Services at the University of Helsinki is in charge of providing support services to leadership and decision-making, developing and monitoring the University’s procurement and security as well as providing secretarial and office services. Administrative Services also offers advice regarding protocol and the University’s traditions.

Administrative Services coordinates service development at the University. A group in charge of internal audits also functions under Administrative Services.

Records Management and Archives

The information and researcher services provided by Records Management and Archives are available to all members of the University community as well as external clients.

Records Management and Archives is in charge of the University’s document management as well as the maintenance of both the customer management system and the contract register. It also offers information services pertaining to registered documents and contracts. The unit supervises archiving and provides related advice.

Records Management and Archive is responsible for the organisation, storage and maintenance of the University’s historically and scientifically valuable documents as well as archive material for long-term storage. The Central Archive houses the archives of the University of Helsinki and its historical predecessors as well as other archives generated under the auspices of the University.

Open Mon-Fri 10.00–14.00. Exceptions in opening hours

Street address: Porthania, Yliopistonkatu 3, 3rd floor

Mailing address: Registry and Archive Services, PO Box 4, 00014 University of Helsinki

Contact address:

Finland’s Official Government Directory

Finland's Official Government Directory includes basic information on approximately 40,000 government officials and public employees, and offers an up-to-date overview of government administration. The Directory also features diplomats and the bodies of the European Union. In addition, it also has an extensive list of degrees and academic titles as well as Finnish and international medals of honour. Read the Government Directory online