Business collaboration services for researchers

We help University of Helsinki researchers find business and community partners for their research, in addition to which we support University researchers in negotiations and discussions with businesses.
Our business collaboration services for researchers

The Business Collaboration Services team helps University researchers in a range of matters related to business collaboration, including the following:

  • Finding a business or community partner
  • Finding a business funder
  • Negotiation support for researchers with a potential partner
  • Utilising business-owned materials and data
  • Utilising business-owned facilities and equipment as well as their staff
  • Establishing research consortia funded by, for example, the Co-Innovation funding instrument of Business Finland or EU funding instruments

If you are a researcher at the University of Helsinki and uncertain about what you can commit to on behalf of the University, always contact Business Collaboration Services.

We also help researchers ensure that agreements do not contain any ambiguities. The University of Helsinki’s legal counsels for research cooperate closely with the business collaboration team.

We are familiar with large Finnish companies, in addition to which many international companies are in continuous dialogue with us.

How to get started

Do you wish to check which businesses are obtaining patents in your research field? If you are a University of Helsinki researcher, log in to the Patent Similarity database with your University credentials to check patents. You may find suitable research partners in the database!

A quick guide for business collaboration is available in PDF form. For quick instructions on finding partners and initiating business collaboration, read our Handbook to Business Collaboration (login required for the Flamma link).

University of Helsinki researchers: Read more about business collaboration on the Flamma intranet (login required).

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