Commercialisation of research and invention disclosures

We support our researchers in commercialisation, handling of idea and invention disclosures and technology transfer. Researchers at the University of Helsinki, who want to turn their research results into commercial successes, can turn to the University’s Innovation unit Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS) for assistance.
Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS) supports researchers in commercialisation of research

Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS) supports researchers at the university in the following areas:​

  • Identification of research-based business ideas and inventions
  • Handling of idea and invention disclosures
  • Fundraising for Proof of Concept studies and for preparation of commercialisation (including Business Finland funded Research to Business)
  • Protection of university-owned intellectual property and management of the patent portfolio
  • Technology transfer including licensing and sale of inventions and intellectual property
  • Creation of university spinout companies.

During the past five years, HIS has supported the foundation of 16 spinout companies at the University of Helsinki. The HIS team has broad expertise in commercialisation of research.

The Helsinki Innovation Services team is happy to advise researchers at the university on any commercialisation-related questions. Please find contact details and more info on the HIS website!

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