Viikki Campus

Welcome to Viikki Campus at the geographical centre of the City of Helsinki! Viikki Campus is an international hub of life sciences, where cutting-edge research brings solutions to grand challenges of the world. The Campus is surrounded by numerous research fields and has operated in front lines of the life sciences since 1946.

The Viikki Campus is the home base for four university faculties operating in the field of agriculture, forestry, bio- and veterinary sciences and pharmacy, as well as several independent research institutes. The campus employs nearly 1,900 people and has more than 6,000 students. 

Discover cutting-edge research conducted at Viikki Campus and learn more about faculties. 

Welcome to Viikki Campus!

The video provides a concise presentation of research, teaching and societal interaction in Viikki. The video also introduces the research stations of the faculties in Viikki as well as other actors in the campus area, not forgetting the unique environment of the campus.

See and Do

This hi-tech campus located in the middle of a big city is surrounded by large fields, forests and a farm. Discover the attractions and services in the area.

Research institutes

The campus area is also shared by the Finnish Environment Institute, Natural Resources Institute Finland, and the Finnish Food Authority, all of whom actively collaborate with the University.

Innovation and entrepreneurship services

Viikki Campus provides researchers, students and business partners with services supporting entrepreneurship and innovation.

These include support for research commercialisation and invention disclosures and aslo the development of student-driven entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills.

The University aims to develop Viikki Campus into the leading Nordic innovation and business cluster for life sciences and sustainable solutions by 2030.

Book a venue

Some of the facilities of the University of Helsinki are available for general booking. You can find more information about the buildings and booking instructions.

Info Centre, Viikinkaari 11, has, for example, a 188-seat Oppimistori equippede with verstaile AV technology.

Venues at the University´s research stations

The faculties of Viikki Campus have several research stations in Finland.  Research stations offer a meeting space, affordable accommodation and delicious locally produced food, and catering for special events. Select a perfect venue for conferencing and relaxing and, in so doing, support the research conducted at the stations! Depending on the research station, you can find facilities for meetings of up to 170 people and take advantage of the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the research conducted at the station. 

Location and getting there

The multidisciplinary Viikki Campus is located in the geographical centre of Helsinki. Characteristic to the area are broad fields and the bay of Vanhankaupunginlahti, which is a popular outdoor recreational area among the citizens.