Key financial figures

In 2023 the University of Helsinki’s operating result after taxes was €16 million in deficit. The operating result excludes income from investments and fundraising.

The surplus from fundraising, investment and financial activities was €72 million, driving the University’s overall result to €57 million in the black. The return on investment and financial income included €58 million in changes in the value of investments. Investments are recorded in the financial statements at market value in accordance with the code of financial management at higher education institutions by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

At the end of 2023, the number of employees was almost 8,600. Staff costs were €477 million. Another considerable expense are the facilities required for studying, research and other activities.

University of Helsinki op­er­at­ing res­ult 2010–2023
Revenues and expenses 2023

In 2023 the University of Helsinki's revenue (core funding + external funding) amounted to €773 million.

The operating costs of the University of Helsinki were €789 million, with personnel expenses at €477 million and facility rents at €99 million as the largest expenditure items.

Sources of external research funding in 2023
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