Consumption and production

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Sustainable bio-production and sustainable use of natural resources are in a key role in achieving sustainability transformations. How should we reorganize the production and consumption within the planetary boundaries, while guaranteeing the sufficient and equitable level of well-being? How to cover the needs of growing population using natural resources such as water, fisheries, land and biomass more efficiently? How to develop sustainable products and services to fulfill the needs of the present and future generations? 

Both consumption and production require radical changes. Technological innovations and green consumerism are not alone sufficient for the required transition. Therefore other approaches, such as grassroots innovations, social movements and sustainable design need to be analyzed and promoted. These require structural changes in economic and political systems and also novel governance arrangements to push these changes.

Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science will approach production and consumption from systemic perspective addressing the dynamics related to ecological, economic, social, political and cultural aspects. Our approaches include a wide range of participatory and interdisciplinary methods.

In this topic, research is conducted by several units within the University of Helsinki. The ongoing projects under HELSUS will be determined here more specifically after the official establishment of the institute in January 2018, but here are some ongoing research projects at the University of Helsinki:



Cooperation and possibilities for funding will be listed here after the institute has been established in early 2018.