Sustainability research

Research at HELSUS approaches Sustainability Transitions through the five research themes of Consumption and Production, Global South, Arctic, Urban, and Theory and Methodology. HELSUS also funds sustainability research at the University of Helsinki.

HELSUS is a part of RESET (Resilient and Just Systems) profile-building area together with Helsinki One Health (HOH) and Helsinki Inequality Initiative (INEQ). The goal of RESET is to create a transdisciplinary research environment that combine life- and social sciences and offers resilient and just solutions for strengthening the capacity for systemic recovery, by producing tools that enable fairer and more equal adaptation to the changes happening globally.

Research approach and themes
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Sustainability Research in Spotlight video series

Sustainability Research in Spotlight video series aims at opening up what sustainability research can be about. The series gives a voice to sustainability scientists and different perspectives of sustainability.