Workshop program

The workshop consists of daily talks given by the participants. We will also have a dinner on Thursday evening.
Here is the detailed program of the workshops.

The abstracts can be found here.

Tuesday 30.10.2018

Time Location

Vice-Rector of the University of Helsinki Hanna Snellman,
Dean of the Faculty of Science Kai Nordlund,
Head of the Departement of Mathematics and Statistics Tuomas Hytönen,
Professor Feng Qi and Professor Jouko Väänänen

9:00 Exactum C122
Coffee 9:30  

Feng Qi: On some problems of foundations of economics

10:15 Exactum C122

Juliette Kennedy: On a finite square principle

11:15 Exactum C122

Wu Liuzhen: MM, (*) and definiability of non stationary ideal at omega_1

13:15 Exactum D123
Afternoon coffee 14:00  

Fan Yang: Analyzing Arrow's theorem through dependence and independence logic

14:15 Exactum D123

Miguel Moreno: A model theory dichotomy in generalized descriptive set theory

15:15 Exactum D123

Wednesday 31.10.2018


Li Hongbo: Verification of natural-styled proofs in university calculus on Maple platform

9:15 Exactum C222

Zhu Yizheng: Projective singletons

10:15 Exactum C222

Miika Hannula: Probabilistic team semantics

11:15 Exactum C222

Juha Kontinen: Counting of teams in first-order team logics

13:15 Exactum C222
Afternoon coffee 14:00  

Peng Yinhe: Basis problem for regular spaces and compact convex sets

14:15 Exactum C222

Lauri Hella: Modal logics with team semantics

15:15 Exactum C222

Thursday 1.11.2018


Li Wei: Differential Chow forms and differential Chow varieties

9:15 Exactum C122

Kaisa Kangas: Fields with commuting automorphisms - an example of using abstract elementary classes in model theory

10:15 Exactum C122

Tapani Hyttinen: Model theory without formal languages

11:15 Exactum C122
Dinner 18:00 Restaurant Elite

Friday 2.11.2018


Shang Yun: Quantum Turing languages based on quantum logic

9:15 Exactum C122

Åsa Hirvonen: On approximate dependency and independency atoms in continous teams

10:15 Exactum C122

Jouko Väänänen: On an extension of a theorem of Zermelo

11:15 Exactum C122