Mycoplasma contamination testing service

HTB offers centralized and standardized Mycoplasma contamination testing service for the local research community of University of Helsinki.

We use Lonza's MycoAlert PLUS Mycoplasma Detection Kit utilizing a luminescence-based detection of Mycoplasma-specific enzymatic activity in cell culture supernatants. The assay detects all common Mollicutes contaminations (Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma, Entomoplasma and Spiroplasma; except Ureaplasma).

Sample collection and preparation:

  • Allow cells to grow a minimum of 24 hours under normal culture conditions without trypsinization or changing of media prior to collecting a sample
  • Collect at least 2 ml of media from the cell culture
  • Spin the media sample at 1500 rpm (200 x g) for 5 minutes. Collect and freeze the supernatant immediately at -80°C.
  • Label the sample to include at least the cell line information, freezing date and group name.
  • Provide at least 300 µL of the sample in a 1.5 ml tube to HTB for testing.

Sample submission

  • HTB carries out the testing once every 2 (two) weeks. Inquiries regarding the next scheduled testing can be sent to Toveann Ahlnäs.
  • Service requests for Mycoplasma testing must be submitted via iLab portal. You would need to register before using the portal for the first time.
  • Please make arrangements with Toveann Ahlnäs before bringing the frozen sample to HTB.

Getting back the results

  • Testing results will be communicated to the customers within 24h after the test via iLab


  • 22.73 € / sample for domestic customers (The price is a little higher for customers abroad)