Chemical compound libraries

HTB maintains a collection of about 240 000 small molecule compounds including known drugs, bioactives, and diversified sets of chemicals.

The drugs and known bioactives are ideal for biological profiling, drug repositioning and personalized medicine-type of screens, while the larger chemical diversity collections are best suited for molecular probe discovery. Available chemical collections are listed in a table below.

Drug aliquots, DSRT- and custom drug plates

Being a partner of the DDCB network, a national infrastructure for drug discovery and chemical biology research in Finland, FIMM/HTB distributes aliquots of available chemical compounds to academic research groups in Finland for a small fee covering the actual compound costs and handling.

A list of available chemical compounds can be found here:

As research activities are now slowly starting again, the HTB drugging team will try to respond to drug plate and aliquot requests within normal time frames. To help us coordinate things, we have set up a new email address, where all new plate and aliquot requests should from now on be directed: fimm-htb-drugging (at)

Instructions for drugging services:

All compound aliquot, custom drugged plate and DSRT set reservations/orders should be done two weeks in advance via iLAB. For further information contact us at fimm-htb-drugging (at)

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Invoicing information with the order: PI and WBS number.
  2. All preordered sets and aliquots will be charged according to the order placed in iLAB, not by use.
  3. For specific compound aliquots the name of the compound is not sufficient alone. Write also FIMM-ID and/or Supplier Reference to the order.
  4. New DSRT sets are made every other week. Sets are kept in stock for patient samples.
  5. Custom druggings are also made every other week, the weeks when DSRT sets are not made.
  6. Compound aliquots are prepared every other Tuesday and can be picked up on Wednesday. Aliquots are stored in the storage pods, and can be picked up whenever needed.

We hand out only unopened tubes/boxes of reagents (CTG, CTB, CellTox etc.) and empty assay plates (20 plates/box). We will still continue ordering big bulks for the better prices.

Thanks for following our instructions and making our collaboration easier! And please don’t hesitate to ask, if you have any questions concerning our services!

FIMM oncology collections

Other chemical collections available at HTB