Assay-ready drug plates

High Throughput Biomedicine Unit provides assay-ready drug plates for project work performed at HTB, but also to be delivered to customers own laboratory.

It is possible to choose either an existing drug set from our collections or choose specific compounds for example targeting a certain metabolic or signaling pathway. We prefer our existing layouts and concentration ranges to streamline the drugging and data analysis, but these can also be customized. We also provide solutions for drug combination screens, more information upon request!

Compounds are distributed onto assay plates using ultrasound-driven ECHO dispensers, which allow flexible transfer of variable volumes from any well to any well. Thus scattered controls and even complete randomization of compounds is not a great effort. Compounds in the assay-ready plates retain their activity for several months when stored under nitrogen gas at low oxygen and humidity levels in storage pods.

Example of DSRT layout fitting 66 drugs in 5 doses. Controls are scattered.

Example of matrix combination layout for synergy testing.

You can fit 6 pair on one plate, zero and 7 doses. Layout is designed to minimize edge effect.

Example of a randomized custom layout.

You can fit 42 drugs in 7 doses randomized and empty edges.

For more information contact Laura Turunen.