From this section you can find guidelines for using our services.
User ac­cess policy

Access to HTB equipment is generally provided on an open "first-come-first-serve" policy.

However, urgent clinical samples processed through HTB are ALWAYS PRIORITIZED over external non-HTB projects and equipment bookings.

How to start a project with HTB

All projects are customized to a researchers needs. A rough timeline of projects at the High Throughput Biomedicine unit is presented below as an example.

If you are interested in any of our services for application of your project, please complete the online form and we will contact you:

Contact form for services at the High Throughput Biomedicine unit

Contact form for services at the Faculty of Pharmacy

High Throughput Biomedicine unit screening process and timeline:

User fees

High Throughput Biomedicine unit

For all projects involving chemical (standard or custom) or RNAi screen, the price is minimally composed of consumables and usage of automation equipment. Usage of automation equipment costs 100 euros/hour for first hour but additional hours are charged with reduced prices determined by the scale of the project. External customers are requested to inquire a price estimation for their project.

An example of pricing for internal (University of Helsinki) customers using our current standard oncology DSRT assay (FO4B) with eight drug plates containing 525 oncology drugs in five concentrations can be found here:…

Faculty of Pharmacy

Users of screening and analytical instruments and facilities are expected to cover the costs of consumables, reagents and use of instrumentation. Customers are requested to inquire a price estimation for their project.

Service related to computational work is provided free-of-charge and handled as academic collaborations due to intellectual property reasons on software licences.

Pricing categories

The pricing category used is applicable for academic use only. If you plan to use the HTB services for commercial purposes, please ask for a quote applicable for commercial purposes.

Publication guidelines

Acknowledging HTB contribution

The use of FIMM High Throughput Biomedicine Unit (HTB) services must be acknowledged in publications by adding the following (or similar) statement to the acknowledgements: “[Used service] were carried out at the FIMM High Throughput Biomedicine Unit, which is hosted by the University of Helsinki and supported by HiLIFE and Biocenter Finland.” Please send a copy of such publication to to help us in reporting to the university the use of our services. 

Authorship contribution

In case the HTB personnel provides substantive intellectual input to a project leading to publication(s), the key contributor(s) from HTB must be included as authors in such publication(s). Authorship rules (such as should then be followed.  

Ethical approval requirements

The user is responsible for ensuring that the project has been approved by the appropriate Ethical Review board(s) if applicable and is executed according to rules, regulations and best practices applicable to biomedical research.