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The Arctic region is undergoing a major climate, environmental, geopolitical, economic and sociocultural transformation. The arctic environments are fragile and will be most heavily affected by the climate change. Changes in the Arctic will not only affect local people, permafrost and ecosystems but also the rest of the world as the Arctic plays a special role in the global climate system.

This framework creates urgents needs to investigate sustainability transformations within the Arctic through co-designed ways of learning and international cooperation. HELSUS provides an interdisciplinary and transformatory take on Arctic research in relation to their natural environments as well as socio-political ones.  In addition to monitoring the arctic and polar circle ecologically, the region will be studied through wellbeing, justice and rights within the Nordic states.

In all of research at the University of Helsinki, climate change, sustainability and the changing environments in the arctic region take centre stage. The Arctic research theme within HELSUS aims to bring these thematics to practice by creating an interdisciplinary platform for the already existing expertise at the University of Helsinki. The ongoing Arctic research and future projects under HELSUS will be determined as the Institute is officially established in January 2018.