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Värriö Subarctic Research Station
Dpt of Forest Sciences
Ainijarventie 114
FI-98890 Ruuvaoja
Tel. +358 40 827 6535

Värriö subarctic research station

Värriö Subarctic Research Station was founded in 1967 and belongs to the Institute for Atmospheric Research at the University of Helsinki. It is located in the Värriö Strict Nature Reserve in Eastern Lapland. The station has collected exceptionally long time series of the environment, including e.g. phenology, berry and cone production, birds and insects, which reflect the changes in subarctic forests and fell ecosystems over decades. The current research at the station is dealing with the productivity of the subarctic ecosystems and air pollution and atmospheric processes in the Arctic. The station hosts the SMEAR I measurement station representing top scientific research of the University of Helsinki. The station also provides good possibilities for education and co-operation with civil society in Northeastern Finland.