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The aim of HELSUS Policy Briefs Series is to bring up-to-date sustainability research closer to civil servants and decision-makers. Policy Briefs summarise important and current knowledge according to the latest research and provide guidance how to implement their findings in decision-making. HELSUS Policy Briefs aspire to contribute to the transition towards more sustainable societies.

The first HELSUS Policy Brief, titled ‘Promoting comprehensive sustainability in strategy work in the Arctic’, focuses on addressing comprehensive sustainability in the Arctic strategy work. Seven sustainability professionals contributed to the first publication giving viewpoints and conclusions into policy discussion of the situation in the Arctic.  

Interested in translating your research findings into policy recommendations?  

Are you researching a topic related to sustainability? We encourage you, regardless of your discipline, to offer your research for publication. If necessary, you will receive guidance from us for writing and formulating policy recommendations based on your research. Additionally, we will support you with formatting the brief and communicating about it to the wider audience. As a researcher, you are responsible for taking off the publication rights of your research.  

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About HELSUS Policy Brief Series

The publication number (ISSN) for this series is 2737-2103.  

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Policy briefs

The current political actions towards sustainability are insufficient and not in line with the urgency of the intertwined climate crisis and biodiversity loss. Instead of far-reaching future objectives, which shift the responsibility away from the current decision-makers, actions need to be implemented right now.

Authors: Dr. Stephan Hauser, Dr. Tiina Paloniitty, Dr. Viola Hakkarainen and Dr. Tuuli Parviainen

As a result of climate change, the Arctic has changed. The changes are particularly evident in the weakening of biodiversity and cultural vitality. These changes present significant challenges to the future of the Arctic regions. The purpose of this policy recommendation is to demonstrate, by using examples from Finland, how the different dimensions of sustainability must be comprehensively considered when preparing strategies concerning the Arctic.