Kilpisjärvi Biological Station

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Kilpisjärvi Biological Station is nestled on the flanks of the Saana fell and offers an exceptional setting for natural science and local culture research in Northern Finland. Year after year, researchers and students from Finland and around the world make their way to the northernmost unit of the University of Helsinki to study the fluctuation of lemming populations, the winter wildlife of the fells or the cultural history of Lappish villages.


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Events The Kilpisjärvi Science Trails webinar series is an eight webinars long series taking place February to June 2023. The webinars introduce the listener to the fascinating topics of the upcoming Kilpisjärvi Science Trails app, topics include lichens of Kilpisjärvi, geology of Saana, archaeological discoveries and settlement history of Kilpisjärvi, Kilpisjärvi in the future and the Kilpisjärvi Science Trails app!
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