• ( 25.5.2015 )
    Library has abbreaviated opening hours during summer: June 1st – August 23rd – Kumpula, Meilahti and Viikki Campus Libraries: Mon-Fri 9 am – 4 pm June 15th – August 23rd – Main Library Kaisa House: Mon-Fri 9 am – 6 &hel…
    ( 21.5.2015 )
    The books are mostly in the following subject areas: History, Cultural and Media Studies, Politics, Philosophy and Religion.
    ( 21.5.2015 )
    The Main Library in the Kaisa House was open on three Sundays in April as a tryout. The work stations and equipment were available in the facilities as well as the customer service on the 3rd floor. There were slightly …
    ( 20.5.2015 )
    Digitalia Hispánica is the most complete database of e-books and e-journals on Spanish Language. It is included more than 13,000 electronic documents from different subject areas like Art, History, Geography, Language and Linguistics, Philosophy, P…
    ( 19.5.2015 )
    Primarily research-based analyses which are outcome of the many projects and activities fostered and financed by the Nordic co-operation. Examples of the latest publications: Future of Biodiversity in Barents Region, Psychosocial working environment and L…
    ( 18.5.2015 )
    Material from the library to the researcher’s desk The Helsinki University Library is piloting a service that offers Helsinki University and HUCH staff the option of ordering books and copies of journal articles for free from Helsinki University Lib…
    ( 18.5.2015 )
    University of Helsinki has access to the database Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive until 13.6. Feedback: e-library@helsinki.fi
    ( 18.5.2015 )
    An online reference resource which covers the fundamentals and applications of statistics in all fields where it is widely used.
    ( 18.5.2015 )
    The user interface of ellibs text books has been renewed, not dramatically, however. There are better instructions and guidance for the users of different devices. (Instructions or Readers)
    ( 12.5.2015 )
    On Ascension Day May 14th the libraries are closed. Normal opening hours again on Friday and Saturday.
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