• ( 15.12.2014 )
    The subscriptions of a few less used e-resources will not be renewed any more for next year. This makes possible to subscribe a few new ones wished by our customers.
    ( 12.12.2014 )
    The approaching turn of the year shortens the library opening hours, but extends the loan period of books. Due date will be no earlier than January 8th, 2015, when you borrow or renew your loans November 20th onwards for books …
    ( 10.12.2014 )
    Springer Humanities, Social Sciences and Law 2015 eBook package provides books in the following fields: economics, education and language, law, philosophy and social sciences.
    ( 10.12.2014 )
    An archive of documents covers one of the most vibrant and creative periods in scientific research and discovery, the long nineteenth century. The content is sourced from the world’s preeminent libraries and archives.
    ( 10.12.2014 )
    Main Library’s collections of K3-floor are currently being moved. The Art Studies and Fiction collections move in December, Philosophy and Law collections are being moved in the next stage. These works will continue into Spring 2015. Map application…
    ( 10.12.2014 )
    Religion, Spirituality, Society and Reform (NCCO) archive collection provides essential documentary materials that explore religious and philosophical movements in the era of The Industrial Revolution.
    ( 9.12.2014 )
    Statistics Finland’s Service Point for statistical information at the Kaisa House will cease to operate on 12 December 2014. Services available online and by telephone
    ( 1.12.2014 )
    English translations of the principal works of the Neoplatonist commentators on Aristotle.
    ( 28.11.2014 )
    A series of books which presents important works of ancient Greek and Latin literature . The texts are accessible to the broadest possible audience because of English translations in addition to original Greek or Latin texts.
    ( 25.11.2014 )
    New Acquisitions: MOT WSOY Finnish-French-Finnish Dictionary; MOT WSOY Finnish-French Technology and Commerce; MOT Oxford Hachette French Dictionary.
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