University of Helsinki Group

Besides the University of Helsinki’s securities portfolio, the University’s assets are managed by the University of Helsinki Funds and Helsinki University Properties Ltd.

The assets consist mostly of properties, listed securities and direct investments in unlisted companies and funds. The University of Helsinki Group had a turnover of €1.1 billion in 2023, and its balance sheet amounted to €2.0 billion. In 2023 the Group’s returns were €95 million, with an equity ratio of 80%.

The Group’s balance sheet (equity), equity ratio and result are greatly influenced by the fact that listed securities are recorded at market value.

As part of the University of Helsinki Group, the University of Helsinki generated an operating deficit of €-16 million in 2023.


Helsinki University Properties Ltd is a real property investment company focusing on owning and developing premises.

The company is fully owned by the University of Helsinki and is part of the University of Helsinki Group.

Helsinki University Properties works on an absolute net rent basis and primarily rents out premises to its owners.

Helsinki University Properties Ltd owns a total of approximately 324,000 square metres in premises, roughly 90% of which is operated by the University of Helsinki. The book value of these properties at the end of 2022 was approximately €385 million.

The most significant properties owned by the company

Meilahti Campus: Haartman Institute, the building at Topeliuksenkatu 40,752  htm²

Buildings on the Kumpula Campus 52,590 htm²

Viikki Campus: Biocentres 37,707 htm²

Viikki Campus: buildings of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry 37,457 htm²

Forestry Building - Topelia 24,922 htm²

Porthania 15,948 htm²

The University of Helsinki Funds owns a total of approximately 200,000 square metres of premises and housing, roughly 70% of which is operated by the University of Helsinki. The accounting valuation of these properties at the end of 2022 was €364 million.

The most significant properties owned by the Funds

The “Elk” block (properties from Kaisa House to Porthania) 45 085 htm²

Siltavuorenpenger 28 073 htm²

The National Library + book cave 23 923 htm²

The University’s Main Building 16 925 htm²

Meilahti Campus: Biomedicum I and II 17 585,5 htm²

Aleksanterinkatu 7 + Yliopistonkatu 4 15 894 htm²

Viikki Campus: Cultivator I and II 7 410 htm²

As. Oy Enontekiön Kilpisrivit, 68 %

Fastighets Ab Aleksandersgatan 7, 100 %
KOy Helsingin Kirjastoluolat, 100 %
KOy Helsingin Kaisaniemenkatu 5, 100 %
KOy Viikinmansio, 100 %
Oy Vuorikatu 3, 100 %
KOy Fabianinkatu 32, 100 %

Tiedepuiston Asunnot -konserni
Tiedepuiston Asunnot Oy (emoyhtiö), 100 %
    As Oy Viikin Aura 1, 81,99 %

  • As. Oy Isokatu 27, 48.6 %
  • Helsingin Tiedepuiston yrityshautomot Oy, 47.8 %
  • KOy Biomedicum Helsinki, 46.9 %
  • KOy Helsingin Pohj. Hesperiankatu 23 A, 50.0 %
  • KOy Lammin Biokylä 1, 30.0 %
  • KOy Helsingin Ympäristötalo, 25.4 %
  • As. Oy Yliopistonk. 25, 21.2 %
  • KOy Liiketalo, 22.9 %

KOy Mikkelin Tietotaitokortteli, 9,4 % (konserni yhteensä 48,4 %)


The most important company owned by the University of Helsinki Funds is the University Pharmacy. The core mission of the University Pharmacy is to provide its customers with successful pharmaceutical care and to promote their health and wellbeing. Moreover, the University Pharmacy has special duties of social significance, such as the preparation of rare medicines. 

HY247, or University of Helsinki Property Services Ltd, is a community of a little over 300 professionals that provides property services to the University community. HY247 is responsible for construction, maintenance and cleaning services, as well as porter services and expert services in upkeep and facility booking.

The University of Helsinki owns the copyright to the name day lists of Finnish and Swedish names in Finland.  The proceeds from these copyrights make up the major part of the turnover of the University of Helsinki Almanac Office.

Helsinki Innovation Services handles invention disclosures at the University and enhances the commercialisation of innovations generated by University research.

Gaudeamus Helsinki University Press publishes high-quality non-fiction and science literature: popular science, research literature, textbooks, professional publications and political pamphlets.

The University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education (HY+) offers education in the following fields: tailored language training, teaching, growth and mentoring, organizational development, health and well-being, communication and digitalization, as well as nature and environment.

Unigrafia Oy offers printing, copying and publishing services. The University of Helsinki Funds owns 57.5% of the company, the other owners being Aalto Holding Ltd, Haaga Helia Oy Ab and University of the Arts Helsinki.

Unihome Ltd offers accommodation services, particularly to the international guests of universities in the Helsinki and Espoo regions. The University of Helsinki Funds owns 81% of the company and Aalto University 19%.

Com­pan­ies owned by the University of Helsinki Funds, 1 April 2024

  • University of Helsinki Almanac Office, 100%
  • Unigrafia Oy, 58%
    • Nollanollasata Oy, 100%
  • Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd, 100%
  • Gaudeamus Oy, 100%
  • HY+ Oy, 100%
  • Unihome Oy, 81%
  • Funidata Oy, 33.8 %. Funidata develops study- and teaching-related information systems for universities. The company is owned by the University of Helsinki (33.8%), Tampere University (22.3%), Aalto University (18.4%), the University of Jyväskylä (14.0%), LUT University (5.0%), the Hanken School of Economics (2.8%), Yrkeshögskolan Arcada Ab (3,2%) and Ålands lanndskapsregering (0,6 %).

University Pharmacy Group

  • Yliopiston Apteekki Oy (parent company), 100%
    • ​Medapta Oy, 100 %  
As­so­ci­ated com­pan­ies and other share­hold­ings

The University of Helsinki Funds owns shares in a number of companies, for example, in start-ups grown out of research conducted at the University.

The University of Helsinki Research Foundation

The University of Helsinki Research Foundation was established on the occasion of the University’s 350th anniversary for the purpose of promoting and supporting the research of young scholars. It may also support other research conducted at the University. In 2014 the Foundation adopted the practice of funding young researchers through donated positions in doctoral programmes.