Official translation

Official translations are made by an official translator. In Finland, official translations may be obtained from official translators as defined in the Statute 1231/2007. The Finnish National Agency for Education provides a list of the names and contact information of official translators. If you are not in Finland, you may also use the services of an official translator in your country of residence.

Official translations of educational documents may also be provided by the awarding institution.

Official translations have to fulfill the following requirements:

1. Translation carries the official stamp of the translator or the awarding institution (Official stamps usually have the name and symbol of the institution).

2. Translation has the signature, print name, and status of the translator / certifier.

Only translations certified by the awarding institution or an official translator are official and accepted.

Please notice that there has to be a stamp and/or a signature on every page of the translated document provided by either the translator or the representative of the institution. Regular photocopies are not accepted.