Apply to Bachelor's Programme in Science

University of Helsinki offers one Bachelor's Programme in English, the Bachelor’s Programme in Science. The other undergraduate degrees are offered in Finnish and/or Swedish.

The Bachelor's Programme in Science has two separate admission processes with different application periods. The correct application period is determined by your previous education.

For studies starting in autumn 2024, you can apply on 1 Dec 2023 – 3 Jan 2024 (Admission group 1) OR 13–27 March 2024 (Admission group 2). 

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Why Bach­el­or's Pro­gramme in Science

The Bachelor's Programme in Science offers an interdisciplinary education that will enable you to work on the cutting edge of exciting basic research and application development in chemistry, computer and data science, mathematics and physics.

The admitted students have the right, after completion of their BSc degree, to continue in one of the nine MSc programmes of the Faculty of Science at the University of Helsinki.

When to ap­ply

The Bachelor's Programme in Science has two application periods. The correct application period depends on your previous education. Please note that you cannot select a preferred application period, nor can you submit an application during both application periods.

Have you completed, or will complete by summer 2024, one of the following diplomas?

If yes, you are in admission group 2 and must submit your application during the application period between 13–27 March 2024 (application period closes at 15.00 UTC+3). The admission is based on the matriculation examination or equivalent.

If not, you are in admission group 1 and must submit your application during the application period between 1 December 2023 – 3 January 2024 (application period closes at 15.00 UTC+2). The admission is based on the scores of SAT tests.

You cannot select the application period of your preference even though you would have two certificates. For example, holders of the Finnish matriculation examination certificate must always apply during the application period for admission group 2.

Check out the admission requirements and procedures more in detail at Studyinfo, the Finnish national application portal.

Pre­pare your ap­plic­a­tion doc­u­ments in ad­vance

When applying to the Bachelor’s Programme in Science, you have to submit all the required documents as instructed and within the deadlines.

Ensure that the required educational documents are correctly certified and can be submitted as instructed by the University of Helsinki.

If your educational documents require translations, use official translators.

You need to meet the English language requirements. Find out how to prove your Eng­lish lan­guage skills.

If you must apply in the Admission group 1 on 1 Dec 2023 – 3 Jan 2024, you are ranked based on the total score for two SAT tests. Make sure to register for the SAT in time! Dates and deadlines of SAT tests on the College Board website.

Please take into consideration that it might take time to complete a language test or get your educational documents certified. Also, if you need to take SAT tests, you need to register for them before the application period starts. Therefore, it is highly recommended to start preparing your documents well in advance.

How to ap­ply

When the correct application period for you starts, you must submit your application online at the Finnish national application portal Studyinfo. Please note that the online application form is open and can be submitted only during the application periods.

  • Read the application instructions at Studyinfo carefully. When on the programme page at, click the "Read admission criteria" -button to check the admission requirements and other instructions for your application.
  • Both application processes (admission group 1 and admission group 2) are separate from the Finnish national joint application admissions process. This means that, if you wish, you can apply for another study place also in the Finnish national joint application process for higher education in spring 2024. Then you may be offered more than one study place. However, you can only accept one study place leading to a higher education degree starting the same term.
  • Complete your online application carefully. The application form is available at only during the application period, on the bottom of the programme page. You can find the programme page at
  • Once you have submitted your online application form, you will receive a confirmation email. Make sure that you have received the confirmation message within 24 hours of sending the application. If you didn’t receive the confirmation email, please contact the Admission Services by email.
  • Remember to include the required application enclosures to your online application form at Studyinfo or submit them according to the instructions by the application deadline.
  • An applicant who has not proven his or her eligibility by submitting the required enclosures as instructed cannot be admitted to the programme.
  • You can access your online application form and related application enclosure requests at Studyinfo by logging in to My Studyinfo.

Submit your application well in advance. The application period always ends at 15.00 Finnish time, which is also when the online application form at Studyinfo will close.

Check the ad­mis­sion res­ults and ac­cept your study place

If you applied to the Bachelor's Programme in Science, please read the guide for accepted and rejected applicants.

The applicants are informed about the admission results by email to the address submitted on the application form. The admission results will also be available at the My Studyinfo service.

  • Admission group 1: latest by 15 Apr 2024
  • Admission group 2: latest by 4 Jul 2024

The letter with the admission results will also include information about how to accept the study place. If you are offered a study place, you must accept it no later than 11 July 2024 at 15.00 local Finnish time.

If your admission was conditional, remember to submit the required documents by deadline.  

In addition to accepting the study place, you will also have to register as an attending or non-attending student.

However, please remember the one place rule. If you are offered more than one study place, you may accept only one right to pursue studies leading to a higher education degree starting the same term. More information about the provision of one student place.

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