What can you study with us?

In our Master’s Programmes and the Bachelor's Programme in Science, you gain skills and courage that can contribute to finding sustainable solutions for global challenges. But what kind of topics and themes can you study with us?

At the University of Helsinki, you get an education based on high-quality research while learning from and interacting with world-class scholars. You can build a degree based on your own interests with the help of our wide range of multidisciplinary study options offered by 11 faculties, and become a specialist in your field with the capability of understanding broad interdisciplinary topics and perceiving causalities.

Please note that this page includes just some examples of what type of topics, themes and fields you can study in our Master's programmes. In reality, they offer many different study tracks and specialisation opportunities.

Degree programmes in English
Building a fair society

What would a fair society look like, one in which everyone would have equal opportunities to participate? How can we better understand and solve the key issues of our society and bring to light the obstacles that are standing in the way of justice, such as inequality, social division caused by polarisation, and structural discrimination?

At the University of Helsinki, we look for answers by conducting multidisciplinary research on, e.g., equality in education, preventing health and social inequalities, cultural and religious diversity, and changes in democracy. Our students become experts in topics like social phenomena and structures, democracy and the rule of law, social diversity, and welfare discrepancies.

If you want to work towards building a fair society for all, some of the following master's programmes could be something for you.

Creating a healthier world

Our health is threatened by many other factors, such as global pandemics, diseases of the brain and mind as well as cancer. Therapies for diseases must be increasingly personalised to be effective.

At the University of Helsinki, our multidisciplinary One Health approach is searching for holistic solutions to global health-related challenges. Health is studied from a range of perspectives, e.g., by conducting gene research with the help of genetic data and biobanks, by utilising artificial intelligence and other digital solutions in precision medicine, and by developing new innovations to learn more about our brains. 

Through research and education, we are developing experts who understand the connection between animal, human and environmental health.

If you want to work towards solving the health-related challenges of the future, some of the following master's programmes could be something for you.

Designing an ethical technological future

As technology becomes an increasing part of our daily lives and society, we need digital architects and leaders who understand and can navigate ethical challenges. Algorithms alone cannot solve the ethics of artificial intelligence, nor will the quantum revolution emerge from nothing.

At the University of Helsinki, we are conducting multidisciplinary research and educating the (digital) architects of our future. Our research and innovation range from the datafication of society to ethical AI, and from quantum technology to space and energy.

If you want to work towards building an ethical digital world, some of the following master's programmes could be something for you.


Pioneering the future of education

Finland's education system is world-famous. The success of our system lies in research-based policies and practice, long-term investment in equality as well as teachers – the backbone of our education system.

At the University of Helsinki, we played a central role in developing this international success story and continue to pioneer the future of education by conducting research into the skills of the future: how we can learn better and how digital solutions can promote our learning. Brain research shows phenomena related to learning in a new light. Sustainable development and equality introduce pressing questions to the discussion on education, the solving of which requires research-based knowledge.

If you want to work towards an education system that belongs to and works for everyone, some of the following master's programmes could be something for you.

Securing our planet’s future

To solve the climate crisis and reverse biodiversity loss, we need new ideas and fresh evidence of what is happening in the atmosphere, on the ground and throughout our ecosystem.

At the University of Helsinki, our research ranges from ecology, air quality and food production to cultural, social and economic factors that have a role in climate change and biodiversity loss, and contributes to sustainability transformations of societies.

As the challenges which the climate and nature are facing are complex, the solutions require broad-based multidisciplinary expertise. To find solutions and achieve sustainability transformation, we need more experts from a variety of fields.

If you want to protect the natural world and work towards a sustainable future, some of the following master's programmes could be something for you.

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