Welcome new 2023 Master students
You are about to start a new exciting phase in your life, an International Master's Programme at the University of Helsinki, one of the top 1% research universities in the world. Begin your journey by reading this page with the Rector's greetings and other useful information for starting your studies in autumn 2023.

The admission results (application round from 1 Dec 2022 to 4 Jan 2023) are sent to the applicants no later than 14 Apr 2023 by email. The results can also be found in the My Studyinfo -service.

Greetings from Rector Sari Lindblom

Congratulations! You have made an excellent decision in choosing the University of Helsinki. I am delighted and honoured to welcome you to our academic community.

The past years have shown the importance of universities and research-based knowledge when it comes to solving global crises. In times of uncertainty and transformation, universities also hold a key role in evoking hope. At the University of Helsinki, one of the world’s top 1% research universities, the power of knowledge is at your disposal.

In our multidisciplinary Master’s Programmes, you gain skills and courage that can contribute to finding sustainable solutions for global challenges. You get an education based on high-quality research while learning from and interacting with world-class scholars. You become a specialist in your field with the capability of understanding broad interdisciplinary topics and perceiving causalities.

As sustainability expertise is a basic skill for future professionals, we also offer a multidisciplinary sustainability course for all our students.

However, your education should not be limited to book learning. Bildung, one of our four values, is a pool of knowledge and skills enabling us to act and solve problems. But it also comprises mental maturity, open-mindedness and empathy. It is about behaving with human decency and the only renewable resource that is entirely in our hands. If we nurture it with determination, it will thrive.

I also want to remind you of the importance to take care of your health and wellbeing. If you feel overwhelmed, ask for help. Support is available for our students.

In addition, I strongly encourage getting involved with our numerous student organisations. Extracurricular activities are an integral part of your study experience providing friends, social networks and boosting competences needed in life: curiosity, social skills, grit and resilience.

The University of Helsinki and our community have been building the future and changing the world for over 380 years – let’s continue to do so together!

Welcome to the University of Helsinki!

Kind regards,

Sari Lindblom
Rector of the University of Helsinki

Bildung, one of our four values, is a pool of knowledge and skills enabling us to act and solve problems.
Your first steps as new stu­dent

Start your journey at the University of Helsinki and ensure your student place by taking the following steps:

If you are an international student:

  • Get a good health insurance (non-EU/EEA students), a European Health Insurance Card (citizens of EU/EEA) or a UK Global Health Insurance Card (UK Citizens). More information about health insurances.

  • Apply for a residence permit (non-EU/EEA students) as soon as possible. The process can take several months.

  • Attend an online information session for new international students on 25 April at 14:0015:00 (UTC+3). A personal invitation link will be sent to all admitted non-Finnish students by email. The recording will be available afterwards

  • Check our tips for house hunting.
  • Join our Finnish courses for international students:
    • Intensive Finnish course on campus on 14–25 August 2023 + Zoom sessions in Sept-Oct 2023.
    • Survival Finnish with three online meetings in August.
Sup­port when your stud­ies start

Academic freedom is highly valued and a capability to study independently is required at the University of Helsinki. However, you will not be left alone. Many helping hands and events will guide you through the start of your studies.

  • Your student tutor will contact you in August and meets you when the orientation activities begin.
  • The orientation activities take place during the week commencing on 29 Aug 2022. They will help you with starting your studies and life in Helsinki. You get support with administrative matters and learn more about the university campuses, facilities and studies in your programme. A detailed programme for orientation and tutoring will be published later in the summer.
  • The teaching for the academic year 2023-24 starts officially on 4 Sept 2023. During the first week of your studies, the pink ASK ME! -logo will guide you with any questions you have!
  • The Student Union (HYY) organises an event in September to introduce freshers to their activities and student organisations. Other student organisations will have their own events too.
  • The student ambassadors organise events and meetups open for everyone. To keep updated, follow the UH International Student Ambassadors Facebook page.
  • The Student Service Points give you guidance and support all year round.
  • According to our students, professors and teachers are easily approachable when you need help or consultation.
Get to know our stu­dents and stu­dent life

Would you like to know what our students think about studying at the University of Helsinki? Or how is student life or housing in Helsinki? 

Check out some student stories. Meet your future friends, peers, teammates and collaborators. Our students and alumni share their experiences and insights about studies and student life, and how they've gotten support with their aspirations and goals.

Chat directly with our students to get answers to your questions (but please note that for questions related to admissions, you should contact the Admission Services).

The blog posts on the chat platform are also a great way to get an overview of student life in Helsinki.

You can easily connect with the teachers. You don’t just have to sit down and listen. Instead, you can have real conversations.
"There’s a lot of freedom at the University of Helsinki, which can be good or bad — you’re able to tailor your studies much more personally, but there’s also more room for self-doubt and procrastination."
Our active community of students

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY), advocates students’ interests both at the university and in society. They organise benefits, services and events so that you as a student can focus on the most important part: studying and student life.

Extracurricular opportunities are an important part of your study experience. Luckily, more than 250 student organisations operate within the Student Union (HYY). Whatever your interests are, you are likely to find like-minded people and the right activities for you.

University of Helsinki in brief

The oldest and largest institution of academic education in Finland, the University of Helsinki, has since 1640 played a major role in the development of the Finnish cultural life and welfare state. Today, we seek solutions to problems that affect everyone.

As one of the world's top 1% research universities, we believe that the power of knowledge can change attitudes, people and society – for a better world.

Check out the University of Helsinki in numbers and find out more about university rankings.

Our core values

For international students

How is the city of Helsinki for students? What's special about studying in Finland and what are the quick facts about the country? What do you need to take into consideration when planning a budget for your studies in Finland? Check out the information for international students on our website.

Con­tact and useful links

Do you have questions? You can contact the Admission Services at the University of Helsinki. We are there to support you.