Scoring per application number

As part of the admission process for the International Master's Programmes at the University of Helsinki the applications are scored. On this page, you can check the scoring of your application based on your application number.
You can see your scores by using your application number

Enter your application number in the field below and press the Enter key. Your application number is mentioned in an email from the University of Helsinki about the admission results. 

When checking the scoring of your application in the table below with you application number (e.g. UH2012345), please make sure that you enter your application number correctly. 

If the admission results have not been published yet or your application has not been forwarded to the academic evaluation, you will not see the scores.

Find your scores here

The table will not be updated after the scores have been published.

The University of Helsinki does not publish the names of admitted students.

If you have applied to the Master's Programme in Global Governance Law your application has not been scored. The admission is based on an overall assessment.