International Master's Programmes F.A.Q.

Check out some frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers related to the application process to our International Master's Programmes.

You can only fill in the online application form during the application period. You can find it from the University of Helsinki Master's Programmes Application System.

Before filling in the application form, please acquaint yourself with the admission criteria of your degree programme in the service.

Please also read carefully the requirements related to attachments and the various ways of demonstrating your language proficiency.

You can apply even if you have not completed your degree by the end of the application period. In this case you do not need to submit your degree certificate during the application period. If you are admitted to the master’s programme, the admission decision will be conditional and you must graduate and submit your degree certificate by the end of August.

However, you must submit a transcript of studies or a certified copy of the study certificate based on which you wish to apply for a master’s programme.

It is impossible for us to assess in advance if you can be admitted to the programme in which you are interested.

All applications submitted to Admissions Services by the deadline and according to instructions will be assessed by the relevant degree programme. The assessment is carried out on the basis of predetermined admission criteria. The programme-specific admission criteria are published in the service.

You can apply with a first-cycle, a second-cycle or a doctoral degree. If you have completed another degree which you intend to use when applying, the University of Helsinki will evaluate the eligibility of your degree for applying to master’s programmes after the application has been submitted.

Your application will always be assessed according to the admission criteria for the degree programme to which you are applying. After assessment, you can check your score on this website.

Degree programme specific admission criteria are available in the service.


You can only demonstrate your English language proficiency with a degree completed in English if it has been completed in certain countries.

Please read the separate instructions on the ways you can demonstrate your English language proficiency.


You must submit officially certified copies of all documents on the basis of which you are applying for a student place.

Read carefully the instructions for the attachments and on how to submit them on our website.

Instructions for proving language skills are available on their own pages.

Specific requirements apply to academic degrees completed in certain countries. Information on country-specific special requirements are available on separate pages.

Information on programme-specific attachments is available under the admission criteria of each programme in the service.

You cannot send attachments related to your application via email.

Please read the instructions for sending attachments on our website.

Please read the instructions for the submission of electronic documents.

If your attachments arrive late or have deficiencies that are not corrected during the period allotted for supplementing the application, your application will be rejected.

Submit your attachments by the end of the application period. If you have not submitted the attachments in the manner required by the end of the application period, you will have a three-week supplementary period to submit the attachments in the manner required. We will not allow additional time to submit attachments. If your attachments do not arrive on time and as requested, your application will be rejected.

We will not return any attachments submitted to us. For this reason, we ask you to submit officially certified copies of the documents and not, for example, original degree certificates.

Translation by an authorised translator

Authorised translators provide authorised translations of documents. In Finland, authorised translators include those who pursuant to the Act on Authorised Translators (1231/2007) have the right to work as such. A register (in Finnish and Swedish) maintained by the Finnish National Agency for Education can also be used to acquire information on authorised translators in Finland. If you are not in Finland, you can also obtain an authorised translation from an authorised translator in your country of residence.

A translation produced by the educational institution that originally awarded the document

We accept translations produced by the educational institution that originally awarded the document. If the educational institution awards the document directly in Finnish, Swedish or English, no separate translation is required.

Yes, you have to submit a translation of your educational background document unless it is entirely in Finnish, Swedish or English.

All applicants must submit the attachments referred to in the application instructions. If you do not submit a transcript of studies, your application will be rejected.

Follow the country-specific special requirements of the country where the higher education institution that awarded your degree is located.

For example, if you studied in Pakistan but your educational background document was awarded by a higher education institution located in England, you must follow the instructions for England.

You can't. You must submit your application form after which you can upload your attachments to our system. Please read the instructions regarding the attachments.