Guide for accepted and rejected applicants

If you applied to an International Master's Programme at the University of Helsinki that starts in the autumn of 2023, the information on this page applies to you.

Admission results

When the admission results are published, you are informed of your personal admission results by e-mail no later than 14 April 2023. You can also find this information in the My Studyinfo service.

Please note that the University of Helsinki does not publish the names of the admitted students.

Accepted applicants
Conditionally accepted applicants

You have graduated and received a degree after the end of the application period, thus you must provide a proof of your eligibility to the master's programme. Your study right is conditional until your eligibility has been verified.

If your eli­gib­il­ity is based on a de­gree taken out­side Fin­land:

If your educational documents have not been issued in English, Finnish or Swedish, you must also submit official translations into one of these languages in addition to the officially certified copies of the documents in the original language. Please also note that there are some country-specific requirements concerning the delivery of educational documents to the Admission Services.

If there is a considerable delay in receiving the final degree certificate due to a technical or administrative procedure at the awarding institution, you can provide a temporary degree certificate or another official document, for example your last transcript of records or an official letter addressed to the University of Helsinki. The substituting document must contain the information required from a degree certificate.

The degree certificate or the document that substitutes for the degree certificate must carry the official stamp of the awarding institution and the signature, print name, and status of the certifying university officer, as well as the following information:

  • the name of the degree awarding institution
  • the date when the degree was awarded
  • the name of the student
  • the awarded title

Failing to meet the set deadline causes you to lose the offered study place.

If your eli­gib­il­ity is based on a Finnish de­gree:

  • You must graduate by 31 August 2023.

The Admission Services will verify the completion of your degree through a national database at the end of August. To further the process before that, please fill in this e-form after you have graduated. In the event that your degree cannot be found in the electronic database, the Admission Services will contact you to the email address used in your application for further instructions.

Failing to meet the set deadline causes you to lose the offered study place.

User account and instructions for new students

Your information will be saved to the University’s student register in two weeks’ time when you have:

  • accepted the offer of admission and
  • registered as an attending or non-attending student.

You can activate you user account, apply for a student card and sign up for courses only after your information has been saved to the student register.


Applicants on a reserve list and rejected applicants