After submitting your application

The information on this page explains what happens after you have submitted your application to an International Master's Programme at the University of Helsinki.
Checking of min­imum re­quire­ments

Admission Services of the University of Helsinki checks that your application and the application enclosures (supporting documents) meet the minimum requirements.

The minimum requirements are:

  • You have proved your language skills in time and according to the requirements of the Master’s Programme.
  • You have sent the required educational documents in time and according to the given instructions.
  • The degree indicated as the grounds for application makes you eligible to apply to the Master’s Programme.
  • You have sent any possible additional documents required by the Master’s Programme.

When you submitted the online application form, you received a confirmation email.  Read the email carefully as it lists all the required application enclosures together with the final deadline for providing any application enclosures. If you submit more than one application, you will receive separate email notifications for each application.

Please note that all our emails regarding your application will be sent to the email address that you have given on the application form.

If needed, you may supplement your application enclosures until 24 January 2024, 15:00 UTC+2 (local Finnish time). Please note that this is the final deadline. No enclosures provided after this deadline will be accepted or processed.

Make sure that you send all the required application enclosures by the deadline and that they meet the requirements defined by the Admission Services and the programme you are applying to. Pay special attention to possible country-specific requirements and note that regular uncertified and electronically unverifiable PDFs of your educational documents sent by email are not accepted. Read more about application enclosures.

The application enclosures are processed by the Admission Services in the order of arrival. When your enclosures have been processed, you will receive an email notification about the status of your application (complete or incomplete).

If any of the enclosures do not meet the set requirements, your application remains incomplete and you must provide the required enclosures by the deadline 24 January 2024, 15:00 UTC+2 (local Finnish time).

We recommend sending all the required enclosures as early as possible. Please note that closer to the application deadline, it may take us more than one week to process your enclosures once they have arrived. Therefore, depending on the arrival dates of your documents, you might receive an email notification after the deadline for providing application enclosures. In this case, it is not possible to supplement the application anymore.

The University of Helsinki is not responsible for services provided by courier services or other 3rd parties or any delays or damage caused by them.

Admission Services of the University of Helsinki evaluates the eligibility and authenticity of your educational certificates. This means, for example, contacting your previous educational institution or the language test organiser. Any malpractice will be reported to your home institution and the appropriate authorities.

Please note that application documents are not returned to the applicants.

    Aca­demic eval­u­ation

    If your application and the application enclosures meet the set minimum requirements, your application will proceed to academic evaluation.

    In the academic evaluation, your application is reviewed according to the admission criteria of the Master’s Programme. You will find the admission criteria of the programme that you are applying to in the application portal. If e.g. an interview, a portfolio or a preliminary assignment is part of the evaluation process, it is noted separately in the admission criteria.

    In the academic evaluation, the applications are ranked and only the best applicants are admitted.

    If you have applied for a scholarship, your scholarship application will be evaluated separately.

      Ad­mis­sion res­ults

      You will be informed of the admission results personally by e-mail no later than 15 April 2024. The email is sent to the email address that you have given on the application form.

      You can also find the information about the results by logging into your My Studyinfo –service.

      If you are admitted to the University of Helsinki, you will receive instructions about the further actions to take in order to start your studies.

        Sum­mary of dates and timelines
        • 03 Jan 2024, 15:00 UTC+2 - Application period ends and the online application system closes.
        • 24 Jan 2024, 15:00 UTC+2 - Deadline for arrival of the required application enclosures. 
        • February - March 2024 - Admission Services evaluates the eligibility and authenticity of your educational certificates and language tests. If your application and enclosures meet the minimum requirements, they will be sent for academic evaluation.
        • 15 April 2024 - By this date, you will be informed of your admission results by a personal e-mail to the address that you have given on the application form. In the e-mail, you also receive detailed instructions about further actions you need to take. You can also find basic guidelines in the in­struc­tions for those who have ap­plied.