Mobility and workshop funds


ReNEW announces mobility grants for researchers at all stages of their careers, including PhD students, doing research within the themes of ReNEW. The aim of the grants is to intensify collaboration and exchange of researchers within the hub of ReNEW.

The grants are mainly available for research stays in the participating universities, but there are also opportunities for mobility to ReNEWs strategic international partners, Nordic Centre at the Fudan University (Shanghai, China), SCANCOR Weatherhead at the Harvard University (Cambridge MA., USA) and Boston University (MA., USA) or at other institutions of relevance for our research venture.

Next call in autumn 2018.


ReNEW workshops can have multiple purposes, such as, to explore research ideas, to pursue on-going cooperation in the context of a joint publication, to fund smaller start-up projects, to contribute to outreach or other activities.

In planning workshops, participants should represent at least two universities within the ReNEW hub; the workshop must be of high scientific quality;  the workshop must be of academic relevance to ReNEW, that is, to examine challenges, paradoxes and future opportunities, and/or meeting with global challenges related to  Norden. This may be in a comparative perspective with other regions.

Next call in autumn 2018.