Nordic Challenges Conference

ReNEW organizes annually Nordic Challenges Conference, an international  cross-disciplinary conference, gathering scholars from the humanities, social sciences and beyond under a wide umbrella of Norden related study and research. The conference is also a response to the articulated need for new research on the Nordic region aad its global relations and, to promote debate on current challenges facing the Nordic societies.

Each year the conference announces ReNEW Early Career Prize winners. ReNEW Early Career Paper Prize recognizes outstanding early career papers in research about the Nordic region. To be eligible, candidates have to be PhD students or have completed a PhD within the last three years, and have to present written work at any ReNEW event between annual conferences.

Next Nordic Challenges Conferences 

The Fourth Nordic Challenges Conference: The Rise of Populism in the Nordics, Boston University, 6-7 November 2020

The Fifth Nordic Challenges Conference: Nordic  Neighborhoods. Affinity and Distinction in the Baltic Sea Region and Beyond, Stockholm, 14-16 April 2021.

Previous Nordic Challenges Conferences

The First Nordic Challenges Conference: Global Challenges - Nordic Experiences, Oslo in 20-21 March 2017.

The Second Nor­dic Chal­lenges Conference: Nar­rat­ives of uni­form­ity and di­versity, Helsinki 7‒9 March 2018​​​.

3rd Annual Nordic Challenges Conference: Global challenges and Nordic responses, Copenhagen, 6–8 March 2019