Granted workshop funding 2018

In 2018, the ReNEW steering group approved the payment of workshop grants to 25 researchers.

Kjell Lars Berge (University of Oslo) for a workshop on Exploring Nordic Education, Educational Reforms and Educational Media in the Nordic Countries from the late eighteenth century until present time

Pei Sze Chow (Aarhus University) for workshop ‘Nordic Noir, Geopolitics and the North’

Mitchell Dean (Copenhagen Business School) and Jenny Andersson (Sciences Po, Paris) for a workshop on Neoliberalism in the Nordics – developing an absent theme

Lizaveta Dubinka-Hushcha (Copenhagen Business School) for workshop ” Politics of memory: Nordic experiences of dealing with historical legacies”

Ellen Eftestøl-Wilhelmsson (University of Helsinki) for conference “Nordiska Förmögenhetsdagarna”

Eyvind Elstad (University of Oslo) for a workshop on Nordic Teacher Education Models: A Comparative Research Study

Sunniva Engh (University of Oslo) for workshop “A Nordic worldview? The Nordics in the World”

Alan Granadino (University of Helsinki) for workshop “North and South. A New Approach to the History of Post-War European Social Democracy. The perspective of the actors”

Carsten Greve (Copenhagen Business School) for a workshop Nordic experiences with public sector innovation and public value creation

Valur Ingimundarson (University of Iceland) for conference "States of Exception and the Politics of Anger"

Kirstine Helboe Johansen (Aarhus University) for workshop “Reimagining the Nordic Model Christian Cultural Heritage. Christmas in public schools and broadcasting (NORCHRIST)”

Malcom Langford (University of Oslo) for a workshop "Nordic Peace Revisted"

Kasper Bro Larsen (Aarhus University) for workshop “Reimagining the Nordic Bible: Bible Reception in Contemporary Nordic Identity Formation”

Anker Brink Lund (Copenhagen Business School) for a workshop on Associative Self-Governance in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland

Dag Michalsen (University of Oslo) for a conference on Nordic Narratives of International Law

Lars Mjøset (University of Oslo) for workshop "Nordic routes to ”Weberian” bureaucracy. The role of elites, social mobilization and nation building"

Klaus Nathaus (University of Oslo) for workshop “Civic Norden: Civil Society in the Nordic Region and Beyond since 1800”

Caroline de la Porte (Copenhagen Business School) for workshop ‘Sign of the Times: Changes in the Nordic model’

May-Len Skilbrei (University of Oslo) for workshop “Queer Refugees: Improving policies and practices in the Nordic region and the UK”

Ulrike Spring (University of Oslo) for workshop “Images of the Urban North: ‘Grey Heritage’ in Travel Narratives in the 19th Century”

Eija Stark (University of Helsinki) for workshop “Nationalism in the Nordic national sciences”

Riikka Taavetti (University of Helsinki) for workshop “Nordic Queer Migration: Perspectives on Mobility from Iceland to Denmark and from Finland to Sweden”

Nina Witoszek (University of Oslo) for workshop “Is EU a Threat to Welfare Societies: Nordics in a Comparative Perspective”

Trygve Wyller (University of Oslo) for workshop “Contested Humanities: A dialogue on Ecumenical Spaces of Hospitality in Europe”

Andreas Åkerlund (Södertörn University) for workshop “Public Diplomacy in Conflict: Nordic, Baltic and East European Perspectives”