The Kilpisjärvi Biological Station has two saunas.

All groups visiting the station can book a sauna slot. The prices of all courses intended for students include two 60-minute sauna slots per week in the Main Building sauna.

Lakeside sauna

The lakeside sauna is located on the shore of Lake Kilpisjärvi. The sauna can accommodate five to six people at one time. The sauna includes a steam room and washing facility as well as a large common room, kitchen and swimming dock.

The electric sauna is heated for up to five hours per evening (one hour for heating and four hours for bathing). Visitors must heat their washing water using a woodstove. Bathers are responsible for heating their own washing water. As a rule, you need to begin heating water approximately an hour before your reservation is due to begin.

The lakeside sauna is not in use on Mondays, when it is allowed to dry.

Main Building sauna

The entrance to the sauna on the ground floor of the Main Building can be found near the foot of the staircase in the lobby. The sauna is electric and can accommodate four people at a time.

Visitors are responsible for switching on the sauna approximately 30 minutes before their reservation is due to begin.

Reserving the sauna

Students and researchers are normally entitled to two public sauna slots per week between 20:00 and 22:00. The public slots are specified on the reservation list provided on the station notice board.

Groups can make a sauna reservation in connection with booking accommodation or simply reserve a slot on the reservation list by the main door.

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