The station can accommodate approximately 70 people in six buildings.

It primarily offers accommodation for researchers, university students and seminar visitors. However, space permitting, other visitors are also welcome.

For bookings and enquiries, contact the station office. Please make your reservation as early as possible!

NB! Pets are not permitted on the station premises.

Main Building

The Main Building was fully renovated in 2003. Most students and seminar visitors lodge there.

  • The living quarters include 15 double rooms in their own wing. All rooms are complete with a private lavatory and shower
  • The station also offers one room equipped for disabled guests
  • The living quarters include a fully equipped guest kitchen

The Main Building additionally includes a two-bedroom apartment primarily intended for visitors with children. The apartment features:

  • Accommodation for four people
  • A private kitchen, living room and bathroom


Eurola and Wallgren buildings

The Eurola building is located in the station yard. Completed in 1964, it is the oldest construction in the station complex. Eurola offers a magnificent view directly over Lake Kilpisjärvi.

The Eurola building 

  • Eurola comprises one single room, one double room, one triple room, a common room and a bathroom
  • The building can accommodate six visitors
  • Eurola was renovated in 2003

The northern end of the Wallgren building, completed in 1973, is made up of three rooms that can lodge up to eleven visitors. The apartment complex includes a shared kitchenette and bathroom. All the rooms have bunk beds.

The Wallgren building was renovated in 1984.

The Kiekula building

The Kiekula farm, named after vole researcher Asko “Kieku” Kaikusalo, is situated one kilometre from the research station on the shore of Lake Kilpisjärvi. The farm includes the station’s boathouse and boat cove. It also hosts the facilities and equipment of the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory.  

Kiekula on the map

Kiekula main building

Big wing (120 m2):

  • Two double rooms
  • One quadruple room
  • A common room, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a sauna

Small wing (a two-room apartment, 50–60 m2):

  • Two double rooms
  • A kitchen and bathroom
  • The two-room apartment is intended for long-term guests.

The northern end of the building includes laboratory facilities.

Kiekula’s lakeside sauna

  • Accommodation for four people on two floors
  • A sauna, a kitchenette and a common room
  • No running water
The Kalela building

This log cabin was named after the founder of the station and is located 1.5 kilometres from the station along the road leading to Kilpisjärvi.

  • The building can accommodate six visitors. It includes three bedrooms and a common room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a sauna.
  • Situated on the shore of Lake Kilpisjärvi, the building is an optimal starting point for boat trips.

Kalela on the map

Booking accommodation

To book accommodation or a seminar, please contact the station office.  

When booking accommodation, please observe the following: 

  • Let us know if you are bringing your own sheets and linen (students and researchers). You can rent a towel and linen kit at the station.
  • If you also wish to book meals, please inform the office and kitchen staff ( of any allergies and dietary restrictions.

Paying for accommodation

You can pay for your accommodation at the station office by card or in cash. Please complete your payment no later than on the last weekday of your stay.