Leisure activities

The surroundings of the station provide excellent opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities.

The village of Kilpisjärvi offers a range of services from adventure tourism to evening get-togethers.

For more information about the Kilpisjärvi area and local services, see Nationalparks.fi

Hiking and Kilpisjärvi Science Trails

Visitors can find many hiking tracks in the vicinity of the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station. The longest trail is known as the Nordkalottleden Trail (800 km) and includes sections in Norway and Sweden. The Nordkalottleden Trail is accessible from the Kilpisjärvi Hiking Centre and the village of Kilpisjärvi. It leads to the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area and the Malla Strict Nature Reserve. The Kilpisjärvi Hiking Centre is also an access point for trails leading to Saana Fell, Lake Saanajärvi and the Saana Nature Trail. To visit the Three-Country Cairn, you can board the M/S Malla at the terminal outside the hiking centre or hike through the Malla Strict Nature Reserve.

The Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre and the Kilpisjärvi Hiking Centre provide services for hikers.

The Kilpisjärvi Science Trails are digital science trails you will get to experience on four popular hiking trails in Kilpisjärvi through the Kilpisjärvi Science Trails app, the trails being Saana, Saanajärvi, Tsahkaljärvi and Salmivaara hiking trails. The app uses the GPS of your mobile device, and when walking on the trails you will get notifications when reaching a stop. On the multidisciplinary Kilpisjärvi Science Trails you find 35 stops written by 16 experts: natural sciences but also history, archaeology and arts. The Kilpisjärvi Science Trails content is also available via browser. The content of the Kilpisjärvi Science Trails is produced in English, Finnish and Swedish, also as audio!



Visitors can borrow bicycles from the station. If you wish to borrow one, please contact the office staff.


The Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre sells fishing permits.


The station provides snowshoes mainly for researchers and students, but if any are available, other visitors are welcome to borrow them. If you wish to borrow a pair, please contact the office staff.


Visitors may freely use the station’s rowing boats in their free time. If you wish to use a boat, please contact the office staff.


Visitors can borrow cross-country skis from the station in their free time. If you wish to borrow a pair of skis, please contact the office staff.

Check the Route map of Kilpisjärvi (published by Metsähallitus) for local ski trails.

Other services in Kilpisjärvi

The centre of the village of Kilpisjärvi is located approximately 4 kilometres from the station. The village offers the following services.

K-Market Kilpishalli

A diverse selection of foodstuffs and other consumer goods. There is an ATM on the store premises.

Neste (gas station)

The gas station also provides postal services and a Matkahuolto travel and parcel service point and sells prescription-free medication on behalf of the pharmacy located in Muonio. 


Sports and leisure gear

Alko (Finnish off-licence)

Alko is located inside the Kilpishalli building.

Restaurants and coffee shops