The northernmost research station of the University of Helsinki is located in the stunning scenery of Kilpisjärvi, right next to Saanatunturi and on the shores of Lake Kilpisjärvi.

Welcome to Kilpisjärvi, one of Finland's most mountainous landscapes, on the edge of an endlessly soothing wilderness. Kilpisjärvi, in the thumb of Käsivarsi has a rich diversity of wildlife and rare flora and fauna.

Kilpisjärvi Biological Station

Käsivarrentie 14622

F1-99490 Kilpisjärvi


The station office at your service

weekdays 8-15:30

Welcome to the North!


Reservations and the office

Reservations and enquiries:

The office is located in the Main Building. Opening hours: weekdays from 8:00 to 15:45.

You can pay in cash or by bank or credit card (Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard).

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  • The station also sells shirts, postcards and other souvenirs
Arriving at the station

The station is relatively easy to access using different forms of transportation.

By air

Direct flights to Kittilä are operated daily (Finnair and Norwegian), and there are several flights a week to Tromsø via Oslo.

Airport transportation is provided by, for example, Kilpistaksi taxi services. An airport shuttle operates regularly in high season in the summer.

Public transportation

Visitors can take the bus to Kilpisjärvi all the way from Helsinki. The station can be conveniently reached by bus from Rovaniemi and, in the summer, from Tromsø.

Visitors who travel to Rovaniemi by train can continue their journey by rental car or make use of the direct bus connection to Kilpisjärvi. The railway company VR’s car-carrier trains also operate to Kolari.

By private car

If you travel by car, take road 21 to Kilpisjärvi. The distance from Rovaniemi to Kilpisjärvi is approximately 440 kilometres. The terminal point of VR’s car-carrier trains is in Kolari, approximately 270 kilometres from Kilpisjärvi.

For more information about arriving at Kilpisjärvi, see kilpisjä


Director is Jouni Heiskanen.  

Service coordinator

Hannu Autto helps with any general enquiries about the station.

Research Coordinator

Anu Ruohomäki is responsible for the development and coordination of the station's research and teaching activities, fieldwork and stakeholder cooperation.


Please contact Secretary Pirjo Hakala if you have questions about, for example, accommodation.

Laboratory Mechanic

Our own Laboratory Mechanic Oula Kalttopää answers any questions regarding research equipment.