Practical tips

Practical tips for visitors

The door code and lock-out fee

Visitors are given a door code for the duration of their stay. The door code is strictly confidential!

A separate fee is charged for unlocking the doors outside working hours. If you have locked yourself out and need help to get back in, you can phone Secretary Pirjo Hakala or Service Coordinator Rauni Partanen.

Contact information for the station staff

Accommodation and visitors

Always use sheets on your bed.

The building includes a well-equipped guest kitchen complete with several refrigerators and a freezer. Add a name tag to any items you place in a fridge or freezer, and be sure to take the items with you when you leave. Please accommodate the other visitors when using the kitchen.


Please maintain silence between 23:00 and 7:00. Avoid using the main entrance to the living quarters of the Main Building at night.

General cleanliness

  • Please leave your outdoor shoes at the door.
  • Comply with the instructions provided in the laboratories and other facilities.
  • Smoking is prohibited indoors.


Pets are not permitted on the station premises.

Internet connection and printing

Visitors have Internet access using the station’s HUPnet network or an Eduroam user account. If you do not have an Eduroam user account, you can contact the office to create a HUPnet account intended for a visitor.

The station’s printer is located in the lobby. The printer name is lye16229. You can only print using the computers in the station’s library.


The station has a reference library open to researchers and students. The books may not be checked out of the library. The library also offers eight computers for customer use.

The station library is located next to the dining room in the Main Building.

Yard area

  • Do not venture off the roads and paths in the station area. The vegetation in the yard area must be protected.
  • Camping is prohibited in the station area.
  • Please leave your car at the parking lot along the main road.

Station mailbox

The mailbox in the lobby of the Main Building is emptied Monday through Friday at 13:00.