Kilpisjärvi Science Trails

A touring guide that takes you through old mountain birch forest, past a waterfall, and alongside beautiful clear lakes to the top of fells, including Saana. Along the stony paths, you will discover curious facts about the environment which you are walking in. Free application available from June 2023.

Science trails provide visitors ways to experience destinations and provide a platform for sharing multidisciplinary scientific knowledge. You will learn that in Kilpisjärvi you breathe some of the cleanest air in the world, and you will find out how much you can enhance your life expectancy by extending your stay.

Science trails improve visitors' understanding of their travel destination, they create both curiosity and provide answers, and develop scientific tourism in the area. Science trails provide new ways to experience a familiar destinations whether you are a returning visitor or a new visitor at the destination. Science trails provide a platform for sharing scientific knowledge.

Kilpisjärvi offers picturesque sceneries that are certainly worth enjoying as such. But if you would like to be dragged under the ice, up in the sky, and back in time to understand what you are seeing, follow the science trails and discover the amazing science behind the astonishing landscapes of Kilpisjärvi. There are four Science Trails in the Kilpisjärvi area. Salmivaara Science Trail follows a short, uphill trail, and offers a nice view of Kilpisjärvi Village. Saana Science Trail brings you to the top of iconic Saana Fell (height 1029 m). Tsahkal Science Trail takes you back in time and into the future. Saanajärvi Science Trail takes you on a journey to the clean and beautiful Lake Saanajärvi and to the past