Research with global reach

Groundbreaking basic research, open-minded curiosity and cooperation that transcends boundaries are key for being one of the world’s top academic institutions. We build a sustainable future by generating knowledge for finding solutions to both local and global problems, benefiting the global community.
Opportunities for researchers to come to the University

We furnish opportunities for growth to ambitious researchers, teachers and experts. We are committed to transforming the university into a genuinely global institution and we recruit globally.

Check out the various opportunities for working with us!

We run several programmes that offer exciting opportunities to work with us for a longer or shorter stay. Explore opportunities available at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, the Aleksanteri Institute (The Finnish Centre for Russian and Eastern European Studies) and Ruralia Institute.

There are several options for an exchange period at the University of Helsinki. Start by exploring our mobility opportunities (section Teacher, staff and researcher mobility) and contacting your own university's International Office!

Apply to our doctoral programs

As a research-intensive university we have a high emphasis on doctoral education. We offer 32 doctoral programs in the framework of our doctoral school.

With the high level of research at the University you are ensured great supervision and the opportunity to become part of an international research community.

Alongside your research you will have field-specific studies, support in developing important, transferable skills, and career orientation and guidance.

Out of 4,700 doctoral students, around one fourth are international students, ensuring a global and diverse environment.

Read more about doctoral education at the University of Helsinki

Mobility for University of Helsinki researchers

The University of Helsinki offers a range of different opportunities for our researchers to spend time at our partner universities, both in Europe and beyond.

This can be well-invested time to gain new perspectives and experiences and a chance to expand your network and find new paths for collaboration.


Interdisciplinary initiatives

The University of Helsinki is actively creating new exciting initiatives.

Learn more about our flagships and profiling areas where we are forging new solutions to societal challenges and creating new opportunities for interdisciplinary networks and cultures crossing boundaries.

Our global research infrastructure

Excellent research infrastructure is key to ensuring high-quality research and the best conditions for our researchers.

We gain from access to world-class infrastructure. We also actively develop new initiatives, especially in atmospheric science and human genomics, such as:

We have a number of research stations in Finland with international renown.

Outside Finland, we host the Taita research station in Kenya, where we work in  cllaboration with Kenyan and international partners. We also have a share in the Welgegund measuring station in South Africa. 

The doors of our libraries are open to all with a thirst for knowledge!

Did you know, for instance, that the National Library hosts the Slavonic library, a gem for scholars of Russian history, including copies of all printed materials published in the Russian Empire during 1828–1917?

Get to know the fantastic collections and opportunities at our libraries!

Research funding

Our scholars are successful in getting highly competitive funding from an array of Finnish and international sources.

Read more about the funding opportunities you have as a researcher at the University of Helsinki.


Research impact

The researchers at the University are creating knowledge and solutions for tomorrow with significant societal impact.

Our strategic plan for 2021-2030 emphasises openness as a key promoter of scientific research and social impact. For us, this means open-access publications and data to make research and the knowledge-creation accessible to as many people as possible, here in Finland and around the world. This also means engaging with a wide range of stakeholders from across sectors and attracting talent from all over the globe.

Impact on the European level

The University of Helsinki monitors closely developments in the European Union’s research, innovation and education policies and participates actively in EU level discussions on the importance of science and education for the benefit of society at large.

The University of Helsinki has continuous engagement and dialogue with the European institutions. We collaborate with officials in the European Commission, members of the European Parliament and the Permanent Representation of Finland the European Union regarding a number of sectoral policy areas and initiatives. The University of Helsinki, its management, researchers and experts contribute to the policymaking in various international networks, working groups and conferences. We regularly give input to EU’s political agenda and funding programmes through European and national consultations and position papers.

In addition, the University of Helsinki is an active member of various renowned international research and teaching networks conducting important advocacy work and research activities in EU.

International joint publications

The University’s researchers and research groups conduct a great deal of international cooperation in the form of joint publications and projects. Further information on these activities is available on the websites of individual groups and units.

In 2019 a total of 42% of all University of Helsinki publications were based on international cooperation. International co-authored publications accounted for 54% of all peer-reviewed scientific publications.