International cooperation

The University of Helsinki has big ambitions that reach far beyond the borders of Finland. We strive to solve global challenges with the help of our groundbreaking basic research, high-quality education and a strong commitment to collaboration. Building partnerships with actors from all over the world is central to this goal and gaining global perspectives are key for our impact.

The new strategic plan of the University of Helsinki emphasizes the global impact and engagement of the University.

Globally connected
Educational Visits and Other Education Services

University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ Ltd designs solutions for governments, international organisations, companies, universities, school districts, and schools – in other words, they help any organisation that is keen on developing its functions through education.

The services range from big educational reforms and organisational development programmes to professional competence development including leadership and teacher training, capacity building and professionals’ in-service training.

Would you like to visit the University of Helsinki and learn directly from our experts for example in teacher education? Our unique UniVisit concepts provide you with an insight into the Finnish education system and expertise.