Lodging an appeal
If you consider an admission decision to be erroneous, you may lodge an appeal for rectification.
Please note that it is not possible to appeal against the scholarship decision.
Content of the appeal

The appeal must be submitted in writing, indicating the following:

  • Appealed decision
  • Section to be rectified in the decision
  • Manner of rectification
  • Grounds for the appeal
  • Your contact details (name, address, email address, telephone number)

All supporting documents must be submitted together with the appeal.

Before starting to draft an appeal, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with a sample appeal to gain an understanding of a possible layout for your appeal.

Please draft an individual appeal for each application option whose admission results you consider erroneous.

Submitting appeals and related deadlines

Appeals can be submitted to the University of Helsinki Admissions Services after the student admission results have been published. The exact deadline for appealing is stated in the personal results letter sent to you. Appeals received after the deadline will not be processed.

You can submit your appeal to University of Helsinki Admissions Services in any of the following ways:

  1. Email

You may submit your appeal by email to the following address:


Please write Appeal in the subject field, followed by the application option that your appeal concerns (for example, Appeal: master’s programme application round, Master’s Programme in Economics). Submit your appeal preferably from the email address you entered in the application form used to apply to the University of Helsinki.

Kindly note that the University of Helsinki is not responsible for the data security of the delivery of appeals submitted by regular email. Sending your appeal by regular email is done at your own responsibility.

2. Encrypted email

If your appeal contains confidential information, you may submit your appeal as an encrypted email.

In most cases, it is not necessary to include confidential information, such as your national identification number or information about your health or life situation, in your appeal as they are not included in the admissions criteria that are considered in the admission process. If you wish to include confidential information in your appeal, we recommend that you submit your appeal by encrypted email.

To submit an encrypted email to the Admission Services, please follow the instructions on this website: Send­ing an en­cryp­ted email mes­sage to Ad­mis­sion Ser­vices

3. By regular mail or personal delivery to the Admission Services mailbox

Due to the coronavirus situation, the university is in an exceptional situation. As a result, we strongly recommend that you use email to submit your appeal 

If this is not possible, appeals can also be submitted by regular mail or by delivering them personally to the Admission Services mailbox. Please follow the instructions on this website: Submitting documents to Admission Services.

Please note that appeals submitted by regular mail must arrive to the Admission Services by the deadline announced in your admission results letter. All deadlines are receipt deadlines, not postmark deadlines.

Please submit your appeal to Admissions Services in only one of the three methods stated above. It is not necessary to submit your appeal in multiple different ways. Please note that appeals must be submitted specifically to Admissions Services, and not to any other unit of the University of Helsinki (such as the Registry, faculties or Student Services).

Decisions on appeals

University of Helsinki Admissions Services reviews all appeals in an expedited process. The approximate processing time for appeals is one to two months. After your appeal has been processed, we will notify you of the decision by email or regular mail. If your appeal is rejected or not considered, instructions for appealing the decision through the administrative court will be given with the notification.

Frequently asked questions (appeals)

Appeals must be submitted in written form. You may submit your written appeal either by email or regular mail. Appeals submitted verbally will not be processed.

If you applied to a Finnish- or Swedish-language degree programme, please write your appeal in Finnish or Swedish.

If you applied to an English-language degree programme, you may also write your appeal in English.

Submit one appeal for each application option whose admission decision you consider erroneous. In each appeal, itemise the errors applicable to the specific application option.

For example, if you have applied to three application options and you consider the decisions on two of them erroneous, submit two separate appeals, one for each application option. In your appeal, describe all the errors related to the current admission decision you are appealing to get changed.

You may appeal decisions concerning the application options that you have ranked higher in your application preferences than the option to which you were admitted.

You may appeal decisions concerning application options that have rejected your application.

NB! If you have applied to several application options organised by the same faculty, you may not be admitted to options that you have ranked lower in your application preferences than the option to which you were admitted.

The wording of the appeal is open but it must clearly include the application option the admission decision on which you are lodging an appeal, for example in the following manner:

“I am appealing a decision made by the University of Helsinki in spring 2019 on my application to the Master’s Programme X.”

You can find the names of the application options, for example, from the Degree Finder.

Admission decisions will only be rectified if an error has been committed by the University. The appeal must indicate the decision appealed and specify what kind of rectification is sought and on what grounds.

Please also take the following into consideration:

  • Decisions running contrary to admission criteria may not be made on admission decisions based on an appeal.
  • The University will not consider factors unrelated to any mistake made by the University.

Therefore, there is no point to refer in the appeal to, for example, factors like the following:

“I have applied to study this subject many times before.”
“I feel that I have good language skills in this language.”
“I should have only received a few more points to be admitted.”

  • Decisions on assessment criteria are made by the University.

Decisions on the number of points awarded for demonstration of knowledge or deducted for a mistaken statement are made at the discretion of the University. If you refer in your appeal to the erroneous nature of the assessment criteria or their application, you must specify how, in your opinion, the assessment criteria are erroneous or how they have been erroneously applied.

  • An appeal does not cancel personal negligence.

In certain cases, admission decisions are made partly or entirely based on the information applicants have submitted to the University in accordance with instructions given and by the deadline indicated. If you have acted contrary to these instructions (for example, neglected to submit a certain certificate by the deadline), the University bears no responsibility for such mistakes.

You can lodge an appeal immediately after you have received an admission decision. You will be notified of the decision by email when results are published. The email message includes the deadline for appeals, as well as instructions for drafting an appeal.

Yes, you can. You can do this by first submitting an appeal on the matter explaining how high a basic score you should have had in your opinion and then explain in detail how you have arrived at this particular score following the basic score calculation rules indicated in the application options admission requirements.

Yes, you can. You must submit an appeal on the matter and in it you must specify in detail the answer that, in your opinion, has been erroneously assessed, as well as the nature of the error.

  1. Admissions Services will send you an email message notifying you that your appeal has been received. Please note that the notice of receipt is an automatically or semi-automatically generated message, and the message you sent as well as any enclosed documents will not be examined further or acted upon at this time.
  2. If your appeal is in any way incomplete, Admissions Services will contact you by email, telephone or regular mail to request supplements to the appeal. Admissions Services will notify you of the deadline for submitting supplements.
  3. Admissions Services will present your appeal (including potential supplements), as well as any associated statements and reports, to the party who will make the decision on your appeal.
  4. The aforementioned party will make the decision on your appeal, on other words, decide how to proceed with your appeal.
  5. Admissions Services will notify you of the decision by email or regular mail. If your appeal is rejected or not considered, you will be given instructions for appealing the decision with the administrative court.

The time required for making decisions on appeals depends on many factors. The approximate processing time for appeals is one to two months.

Different applicants may receive notification of their appeal decision at slightly varying times, even if their appeals concerned the same application option.

Unfortunately, Admissions Services is unable to consider requests regarding the appeal processing schedule.

The University aims to review appeals in such a manner that you would be able to begin your studies in the autumn. 

Yes, you can appeal the decision through the Helsinki Administrative Court. Instructions for making an appeal will be enclosed with the notification of the appeal decision.