Urbaria Guest Lecture: Ali Madanipour (Newcastle University)

A warm welcome to Urbaria Guest Lecture on May 21st at 16.00-17.00 in Porthania P219 (Lehtisali)
Professor Ali Madanipour (Newcastle University): Temporary cities: Promises and pitfalls

Ali Madanipour is Professor of Urban Design at Newcastle University. His recent research has focused on public space (Rethinking Public Space, 2023, Elgar), spatial justice (Relocal.eu, 2016-21), planning theory (Handbook of Planning Theory, 2018, Routledge), and urban temporality (Cities in Time, 2017, Bloomsbury). In this presentation, he critically examines the short-term events that are increasingly transforming cities.

Wish to attend remotely? Please send an email at mikko.posti@helsinki.fi and a link will be provided.