Club Giraffe is the inner circle of science

Kirahviklubi on lahjoittajien yhteisö, johon kutsutaan kaikki yli 1000 euroa lahjoittaneet.

Welcome to the Club Giraffe

Donors are invited to join Club Giraffe, which is a club meant for donors. Donors of 1000 euros or more are invited to join the club. Club Giraffe offers a scientific vantage point and an excellent forum for networking with other donors and top experts from the university, and it is hosted by the Chancellor and the Rector.

We also invite donors who organise commemorative giving campaigns and legacy donors to join Club Giraffe.

New insights

Club Giraffe offers an interesting arena for encounters between scientists, donors, students and University leadership through a variety of lectures, discussion forums and other current events. In the club, you can familiarize yourself with the new innovations and follow how the donated funds are used to support the top-notch research.

Club Giraffe members are invited to the annual gala organised for scholarship recipients and the University of Helsinki Funds, as well as to the University's anniversary celebrations. Club members are also invited to events on latest developments in science and other occasions, including donor events. Members of Club Giraffe also receive an annual subscription to Yliopisto magazine and the donor newsletter, Thinkletter. We are constantly developing Club Giraffe.

Meet members of Club Giraffe

You will be able to find interviews of Club Giraffe members from among the donor stories. Club Giraffe has nearly 500 members, half of whom are private individuals and half representatives of organisations.

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Club Giraffe's name come from the historical Giraffe quarter where the university's main building is located.